Flash-Fic: Golden Key

Um, so I might as well do this again, just because!  And today’s one is “golden key“.


The Golden Key

I get ready for a night out.  I have a beautiful dress, and beautiful shoes, and a set of handcuffs, too.  The handcuffs are gold, and the key is as well, and tonight I’ll wear both, my wrists cuffed in front of me, and the key as a charm on a chain around my neck.

This is a game we play.

I get dressed, and do my hair, and you put the cuffs on me, once we’re ready.  Then we make out for a while, because this excites us both.  We kiss, pressing awkwardly together.  Awkwardly, since I can’t move my arms.  You touch me.  You touch between my legs.  You make me wet with your touches.  Then we realize we’re running late, and leave in a hurry.  We drape a coat over my arms and the handcuffs, so the cuffs aren’t completely obvious.  We dash outside and find a taxi, and you finger me in the taxi too, discreetly.  I don’t think the driver notices.

At the club, I walk past the door security cuffed, with the coat still over my arms.  I walk inside without anyone noticing the handcuffs, and we go and sit in a dark corner.  You get me a drink.  I sip, and when I lift my arms, still pressed together, the cuffs are suddenly obvious, and people nearby notice.

People notice and ask why, and I explain.  That we’re playing a game.  That this is what we do.  That someone has to take the key from the chain around my neck, and uncuff me.

The people I’m talking to offer to uncuff me, but I say no, not yet.  Later on, I say, when the time is right.  They smile.  Some seem to understand about games like this.

They ask if I’m sure, and I say yes.  I say I’d rather kiss them instead.

I do.  I kiss some of the people, and others watch.  You watch too.

I kiss several people, trying to find the right one, the right kisser, the one who kisses well with me.

I do, in the end.  I find someone I like.  I say goodbye to you, and go home with that person.   I go to their home, and they help me undress, as best I can with my arms still cuffed.  We have sex, a lot of sex, with my dress half-off and my arms still in front of me.  We have sex, and in the morning that person takes the golden key from my necklace and uncuffs me, and then I go home to you.

Daily Prompts. Because Why Not!

So, um…  it’s kind of been a month since I did anything here, which is terrible.  Yes, terrible.  I am neglectful and I’m sorry.  Because yes, this mostly just stories now, but still…  that’s just lazy!

So I was going to do something anyways.  But then, weird coincidence, while not actually doing anything, I just found out about this.  Which is daily prompts from WordPress for blog posts.

So why not?

Um, meaning, back to the flash-fiction!  Yay!

So today’s prompt is apparently “waiting room” so I shall write a flash-fic short story about waiting rooms!


Waiting Room

I’m sitting in a waiting room.  Other than me, the room is empty.  This is only a small medical practice, and the nurse who is also the receptionist is in with one of the doctors and a patient, holding scalpels or whatever it is the nurse does to help.

I sit for a while, bored, and because I’m bored I start getting horny.

I squeeze my legs together.  Yes, like that.  I squeeze, and it feels nice.  After a while, I shift slightly, crossing my legs more tightly, so I can feel the squeeziness better.  I sit for a while, squeezing, and then I start to bounce my foot, slowly, idly, how I hope looks like I’m just feeling impatient rather than anything else.

Now, I’m not bored any more.

Eventually, the receptionist-nurse comes back and tells me I can go through.  She gives me a look as she does, and it’s only then that I realize that a doctor’s office might not be the best place for discreet masturbation, because people here probably know how bodies work, and notice things like that which other people don’t.


Except you’re my doctor, and we’re only meeting for lunch, so even if you realize I’m weirdly turned on, it doesn’t really matter.  You’re used to me by now.

We might even have a quickie.

I go in, and kiss you, and say hi.  And you look at my face, at my expression, and you suddenly look knowing.  You give me a look.  Just like the nurse.  And as it turns out, actually, it does matter.  Actually I’m really embarrassed.

Then you laugh, and kiss me, and tell me not to worry.  And then we go for lunch.

Islands in the Sky ebook

There’s a complete Islands in the Sky ebook now.

In some places, for money.  If you care :)

It’s on Amazon and Smashwords and the other places soon.

Amazon is for money, because Amazon decide whether it has a price, not me.  But at the moment, everywhere else, like Smashwords and iBooks, is free.  And also, the whole story is still on Wattpad.

Um, that’s all!

Updated: just to make the price stuff actually correct :)  Oh, and Smashwords weren’t grumpy, as it turned out!

And the Final bit of Islands in the Sky

Um, because I’m not completely sure who looks where and who’ll actually see this, but part four, like the end of the first book is on Smashwords now.  And the other places soon, probably.

But it’s only going to be there for a few days, like a week. So go get it if you want it!

Because the plan is to take those four free parts down, and put it all up as a single pay-for novel, like part one of the How to Make a Boat out of a Wardrobe Cycle or something.  So those four chapters are book one, and so is everything on Wattpad up to chapter five as well.

If that makes sense.

But get it now, like soon, because I am going to take it down again, because having separate bits of the same thing up twice is just confusing and weird and bound to annoy someone.

So, um, that.  That’s all!

Oh, also, I tidied up the SFF page here, because I forgot until just now.  After like a year.  Oops.  And sorry if that weirdly confused anyone who actually looked at it expecting actual information and stuff because they’d actually found Islands in the Sky and had no idea about the rest…  so, um sorry…

And now that’s all :)

New Islands in the Sky chapter

Um, there’s a new ebooky chapter of Islands in the Sky here, if anyone wants an actual ebook!

Of a single chapter…

Yes.  Um…  It doesn’t seem as exciting saying it that way, does it :)

And so like it says at the end of those, if you really can’t wait for more, there is more!  Being adding to the story in small pieces most days, on Wattpad, so you can keep up with the very latest parts there!

And also, just to be really clear, the plan is to give these away as chapters, but to then sell the whole book. Which probably means taking these chaptery ones down again. So if you want to finish it as separate pieces then please do! But could you maybe make sure you have them all pretty quickly? Because I’ll wait a week or so with the last chapter up before I take it down and put up the book but just to warn, so people know!  That’s all!

Oh Um, the Other Thing…

Oh, wait.  Um.  The thing with graphic, filthy, bdsmy smut…  I just realized I forgot to say about that…

I am really, really not good at being organized.

Oops.  Sorry :)

So, a little while ago I started doing a thing.  To try.  And I kind of got embarrassed about it and didn’t want to say here at first, and then later on I wasn’t as embarrassed any more but, um, just kind of forgot.

So there’s another blog with stories on it.  Like separate from this.  For reasons.  Like writing down stuff and trying it out and for it not being as serious as this.  Except that now it is as serious, because I’m me, so I start things with no pressure and for fun and then get all earnest about them.  Like this.  So the idea was it wasn’t meant to be as rewritten and proof-read and everything, and was just going to be snippets of stuff.  To keep it fun, and so it would be quicker to write too, because for me proof-reading and tidying takes all the time.  And because a good url was free, so that too!

But maybe not so much now.  Maybe just more stories.

So I don’t know!

But anyways, I started a weirdo kind of true stories about me, kind of fantasies, kind of more bdsm than here story website page thing.

And yep, people have found it from here, but I still should have said properly for everyone else so I’m sorry for forgetting!

And um, also, to be really, really completely totally clear, so no-one gets a horrible surprise, this one is a bit different.

Like, trigger warnings, like all the triggery warnings.  Because this is stuff I’m writing down for me, so it might get a bit darker compared to here.  So if you think rough sex and tying people up is a bit ick, or aren’t that into spanking or ass-stuff or whatever else, then um, maybe best not?  Seriously.

And especially, there’s some stuff which absolutely might be triggery for people who had awful things happen to them, and I want to be really clear about that.  Like I’m sorry if awfulness happened to you, and that’s completely horrible, and I don’t want to bring it up, except that you might need to know about this.  Because um…  there is some iffy triggery-ish stuff here, like without going into why because of how that gives even me the ick sometimes and I just wrote it down, but there’s warnings on the pages at the top of anything like that, or anything else maybe a bit squick, so hopefully that’s enough.  And if it does end up getting in the way of anyone reading, um, say so, and I’ll maybe try and work out a way to blank that stuff out, like a tag that excludes those stories or something, like with clean here.

Um, anyways.  That.

So what I mean is that mostly what’s there is my rememberings and also my fantasies, basically.  And also there’s some other bits and pieces as well.  There’s a book which is being written slowly, and maybe very occasionally there’ll be stories there which just fit better there than anywhere else.

But it’s all a bit darker and more personal and probably a bit rougher than what’s usually on here.  Just to warn.

But um, here you go if that sounds interesting!

Afterthoughty Update:  Oh, um, same as it is here too, only look at these ones if you don’t want boys in your smut :)

Sometimes I Have A Slightly Surreal Life

So I just finished writing really graphic, filthy, bdsmy smut, and then I did the dishes.

Like not all the dishes, just the sticky pots and partner’s stupidly big wine glass which doesn’t fit properly in the dishwasher.  So it’s not like a huge chore or anything, but it’s still dishes.  Right after smut.  And for some reason that struck me as really quite weirdly surreal so I thought I’d share!

Um, I don’t completely know why surreal actually…  kind of something about because how I took off rubber gloves to sit down and type this?  And because I’m going to do laundry in a bit, and then vacuum and mop, probably, and while I do that I’m going to think about filthy smutty filth, and then maybe write it down later on?

Or maybe I’ll think about how to deal with an arranged marriage in a flying city, maybe that.  One or the other.  Who knows?

But maybe it’ll be smut.

Like, I really do spend a lot of time thinking dirty stuff while I do ordinary things.  Like more than normal people do, I assume, and way more then I used to before all the writery.

And it seems like there’s something about the gloves and mopping and dishes that probably isn’t quite what you’re all expecting either, that’s all.

So I thought I’d say!  And I did!

Um, stopping now :)

If Humans Had Tails, Proper Civilization Wouldn’t Exist. But We’d Probably All Be Happier Anyway!

Like seriously, think about it for a moment.

If we all had monkey tails, we’d just endlessly be using them to play with ourselves. Because, I mean, if you could just stand there with it curled up under your skirt rubbing yourself, but with both hands in plain sight, so no-one knew, then wouldn’t you?

Like all day?

So people would.  All the time.  And that’s fine.

Except problem!  Because people would have always been like this. Because we’d have been doing it forever.  So we’d just be like these evolved compulsive masturbators, and everyone would be at it, and no-one would really think about it much.  But it would have been going on forever, so everything humans ever did, all through history, would be affected by this.

I mean, affecting everything.

Like, even back when we were cave people, you could get on with your day of cavepersoning and still fondle yourself.  So you’d be off gathering the nuts and berries, using both hands, and playing with yourself as you did.  Like, hunting the mammoth, making the flints, digging up tubers or whatever, and also, rubbing away.

And then when we invent clothes and cities and everything, but people would just keep doing that.

I mean, except with the odd outbreak of religious extremism probably, and then everyone would walk have to walk around naked because it would be the only way to prove your moral purity, like to be sure everyone wasn’t still rubbing themselves.

So moral purity just wouldn’t work.  Because the choice would be naked and not masturbating, or clothes and masturbating.  So basically, that idea would collapse under the weight of its own stupid, and then everyone would go back to usual.

And so probably everyone would be happy.

And that’s nice!

Except!  Problem!  All of this masturbation would mean we’d all be doing less thinking, because how we’d be half-distracted all the time.  Like constantly.

As in, by now, in 2014, we’d probably only just be getting the hang of aqueducts and stuff, rather than internets and computers.  But then again, there’d probably less wars and hate and anger too, because when someone else in a cart cuts you off in your cart, you shrug and go oh well.  Because you’re sitting there driving and rubbing yourself.

And same with arguments in shops, and omfg asshole, is this really the price of dates, and someone gets the last special wooden toy trojan horse or whatever at holidays time.  All of that, you care for a second, then go, mmm, nice rubbing, and don’t care any more.

And trade negotiations.  And employment contacts.  And peace deals.  Everyone would be, yeah, whatever dude, anything you like, mmm, rubbing.

And so everyone just gets on better!

And wars would be the same.  Like how if you’re in bed and having special alone time and someone knocks on the door, or the neighbors are noisy, you don’t really care.  So same.  Like, all through history, when someone somewhere runs down the street going omfg what those people in the next country over did, we have to go and kill them all.  Then everyone would kind contentedly be, dude, sit down on your tail and chill for a moment, and the trouble-maker would, and then would be all, oh okay never mind.

So that might actually be good.  Like civilization or happy, which is better?  That kind of idea.

And yes this is probably a metaphor for a utopian world without politics or something?  Um, maybe?  Or permanently surgically attached sex toys?  Maybe?

I’m not sure.

Anyways.  Monkey tails.  Seriously!  Someone go write a SF novel about this because I’m never going to!


Update: oh I am so going own the tag “monkey tail masturbation” on both wordpress and google!  Ha!

Rethinking this slightly update: um, I really, really hope I am, anyway.  Now I’m too scared to actually check.

Against my better judgement update: oh my fuck google.  Just, oh my.  So um, okay, apparently a lot of people categorize their humorous primate masturbation videos by actual species, and a lot of monkey species have the word tail in the name…  I think I need to be away from the internet for a little while now…

New Islands in the Sky chapter ebook

So just in case anyone is desperately hanging out for an actual ebook rather than wattpad, the chapter two bit of Islands in the Sky is now on Smashwords.  So this is the part with Cassa’s wedding.

And actually, its also here too.  Um, because I hadn’t updated that in ages, but now I have.  Um, sorry?

And there’s a map, remember!

So.  It’s on Smashwords as reader sets price for no reason other than whimsy and reminiscence, because way back when I did that.  And because I need to keep remembering not to make it tricky for people to pay for stuff if they want, I guess.  Reasons like that. But please don’t feel obliged or guilted on anything, because obviously its still free, and obviously on Wattpad too, and especially if you’re actually reading this here!  Just don’t!

But it’s here.  It’s not on Amazon yet but it may be, but I’m just wondering whether it’s wise to spam Amazon with 99c partial ebooks or better just to wait and do a whole book at the end.  So I’m thinking :)

Um, 99c partial ebooks because Amazon doesn’t let things be free deliberately, you have to kind of trick the system and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, so it might end up not working.

Anyways, that!  And thank you :)

Update: Oh, and Debt Collectors War is updated to be current too.   And um, sorry about the huge chapters, but its boring making pages. So I didn’t, much!  Go read on wattpad if you want stuff to look tidy :)

Forever Is a Long Time Apparently

So I was lying in bed this morning, holding onto partner, and basically being a nuisance stopping people who actually have to get up and go to work from actually, well, getting up.  Which I do because I like hugging people in the morning, all sleepy.  And I like how partner smells first thing in the morning, too, which is different to any other time.

So anyways, I hold on and hug and nuzzle sometimes.  Which I was today.  After the alarm phone clock thingy went off, but before any actual getting up.

Anyways, while doing that, half asleep, I said, “This is so nice, I could do this forever.”

And partner, being perhaps slightly too literal, said, “Well, not forever.”

So I said, “Yep, forever.  Until the stars dim and everything in the universe goes still and whatever it is which does that pulls all the matter in the universe apart from itself into nothing.  Until the sun expands and burns the world and then shrinks away again, so the world is a crispy cinder all darkly floating in dead empty space.  Until then, I’d lie here in the bed hugging you.”  ***

And partner, extremely unromantically I think says, “Yuk, that’s horrible.  And also, before then you’d need to pee.”

“But forever!” I say.

“Forever being bored.  With the universe not there.  And us burned to a crisp, apparently.”  And then also something about being late.

So I let go and partner gets up and that was that.

But I still think it was terribly romantic.


Footnotey *** bit: Or something like that.  I might have tidied this up slightly for betterness, but that was pretty much what I said.