New Story – Sharing Naomi

Smut, as promised.  This more on the literary end of things, at least by my definitions I made up myself.

This is the same kind of set up as Melissa’s Mouth, a couple decide to try a third person, except this time its a friend, and only that friend.  So a threesome story rather than a fucking random strangers story.  Then it goes a bit wrong, but not as wrong as it could.

Yes, I’m intrigued by the idea of one person suddenly wanting to stop and then what do you do.  Melissa does one thing, Naomi sort of does another.

Anyways, this is also sort of the essence of the story that Making Up was meant to be, before it got bogged down in fucktard narrators and first-person wank.

This ran a bit long.  Even though I shouldn’t respond to reviews blah blah, someone thought Strangers Come Inside didn’t have enough talking within the couple before the kinky started, so I wanted to try having more of that.  And then more afterwards, so there’s consequences.

It’s probably the same amount of sex, just a little more about the three people.  So no-one feels deprived.

I’m also thinking this and Melissa are a series, kind of. So I’ve gone back and made them that.

I like the idea of series-es, because it sort of shows what I’m planning on continuing, and what I’m not.  And it probably makes it easy to find shit you like, if I’m careful to keep them similar in content.  And it makes me feel like Charles fucking Dickens, and that doesn’t suck.

So this is a conceptual series, about couples in strong relationships dealing with the consequences of bringing in other people, rather than a series about the same characters.  And also a series exploring who these people are and how they respond, rather than the smut stories where people just fuck without really thinking.  I hope.

Like, here, Naomi is meant to be a bit silly not to mention the crush in the first place.  Because that’s, you know, like really fucking silly.

And yes, the Sharing title is a bit… weird.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Wife-swappy seventies, somehow.  Like the dude’s giving her to his friends and she has no agency.

I’m aware of it, and I’m slightly uncomfortable with it, but it’s also what both these stories are about.

It isn’t just her deciding to fuck other people, it’s like acknowledging the rules other people put on us, or some shit.  In both cases, her partner is okay with the kinky, and says she can, but then changes his mind.  So its his fault, not hers.  Consequences and shit follow.  So the word sharing maybe sort of fits.

If it starts creeping me out too much, I’ll change it.

Or if people start calling me a self-hating gynophobe all over the internets.  Then too.

Thinking of which.  Happy International Women’s Day, by the way.  At least if you’re in Hawaii.  We’re finished where I am.

And being a maybe seventies mysoginist on IWD might even be ironic, Alanis.  I’m not sure.

Because apparently Alanis knows what irony is, and knew all along, and one of the ironies in the song is that none of those things are actually ironic.  Or some shit.

So I don’t.  Because I listened to the song and didn’t do drama and now I’m just confused.

Sharing Naomi on Smashwords and ARe.  Amazon soon.