New Story – Pictures of Jemima

So more on the literary side.  Erotica, sort of a romance because there’s some feelings, but not really.

Someone needs to invent a new word for shit kind of like a romance, so feelings and everything, but just about hooking up, so not as happy-ever-after as romance, but also not as crazy-kinky as erotica.  So like, people having fun.

When did it stop being okay to just fuck someone for fun, and be nice to them as well.

Okay, realistically, like four million BC, but still.

A new genre is needed.

Like encounters.

Fuck it, that’s quite good.  I’m inventing that.  So this is an encounter story, two women, holiday, flirting, hook up, some emotional connection but not love or anything.

So the one from yesterday, Erin, which is over here too, was originally the ending to this.  But… no.  What this one ended up being worked better, and Erin as an ending kind of jarred a bit.  Trees… photography… beaches… analingus.  Like maybe that was a bit confusing, if you weren’t expecting it.  Also not everyone might be into anal.

And just to be clear, Erin has the analingus, this one, Pictures of Jemima, it doesn’t.  Just so the right audience is sent off in the right direction.

So yeah.

Smashwords ARe and Amazon soon.