Hey Goodreads Again

Hey, someone’s adding new stuff over there.  Cool.  Um, thank you, if you see this.

So I’m on goodreads.  Kind of.  Like just enough to be able to add books.  Because I don’t have any friends there, and don’t really know how that place works, and frankly it reminds me of high school and there’s all the cool girls over there under the tree and I don’t really want to walk up and say hi.

Like fucking seriously. Goodreads doesn’t give you that vibe?

But yeah, anyone who’s over there too, be my friend if you want.  I’ll notice in a while and do it back or whatever.

And when I have some friends, I’ll put the thing on here.  Because no fucking way am I doing that when it’s just going to say, ‘0 friends.’

That’s just like school all over again, but with a big fuck-ass number on your back telling everyone.  Like fucking yay.

Um, so this is me.

Those particular books aren’t like my super-fucking all time favourites or anything, mainly just the ones when the website kept going ‘hey you liked this, did you like this?’ over and over, and me going, ‘yeah, kind of.’

And I tend to only do 4 and 5 stars.  Because I’m nice.  And insecure.  And going for the ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say…’ thing.  And try to encourage other people to do that too.

And no, school wasn’t that bad, but it may have involved a certain amount of black colouring of various things.  Like hair, fingernails, you know.