More on Ashley’s Deal and Ashley’s age

Um, yeah.  Today is corrections day, apparently.

So Ashley’s Deal must be set in Australia.  I just realised.  Ashley couldn’t be twenty-two and a practicing lawyer in the US, because law is a second degree there.  She would have to have done another one first, so she’d be more like twenty-seven or something.

My bad.

Or I suppose she could be a maths genius who finished a BSc at 18, maybe.

Anyway.  So this is set in Sydney, and she’s done a four-year law degree, and that all works.

Which doesn’t really matter, I suppose, other than how I’m trying to trick all the Americans into thinking I’m an American author.  With devious tricks like spelling shit differently.

Did you realize?  Um, realise?  Um, never mind.

And I probably said justice instead of judge somewhere too.  Or the other way around.  I was guessing a bit and might not have got quite the right words for the judgey persons in the different kinds of state and federal court.  Wikipedia seems to think justice, but wikipedia also gave me a headache trying to work this out, so never mind.

So, sorry to all the NSW lawyers out there who were hoping for a gritty and exacting depiction of the state legal system at work.  Um, no.