Who Serena Is

So this is more for the one from yesterday.  I was vague, because I thought I’d better ask if Serena wanted me saying who she was on the internets before I went and did it.

But she said yes, so here you go, this was in the post from yesterday and now I have permission I’ll put it back.

Serena writes MM romance and erotica and fiction, so I’m guessing some of you may not care, and some of you may be quite interested.  Hey, person who mentioned the end of Showing Off in the review, that was aimed at you.  Um.  So anyway, Serena is lovely, and is really nice for helping me, and since all I can do to thank her is shout a lot about her here,  I will now spam you with her links.  She has a website, she has a lot of books on ARe, and Amazon, and if you are so inclined she is apparently on twitter and facebook and I presume you will know what to do with those.  She is also my goodreads friend, yay!