So I remembered why I don’t like politics

I ran out of Dexter and started watching the West Wing.  Sigh, no more Debra Morgan.

You know what the West Wing needed?  Debra Morgan.  As Josh’s assistant instead of Donna.  Or maybe as the first lady.

Or actually as CJ.

Debra Morgan as the president’s press secretary?  That would be quality fucking television.  Like, “Holy fuck-nuts motherfucker, who has the next question,” and, “Fuck balls, you’re serious… Mister President.”

And I can’t imagine any international crisis is not better dealt with by announcing to the media, “We’re in a storm of fuck,” or, to the source of the problem, “Whoa, fuckpuddle, what do you think you’re doing.”

Um, yeah,  maybe telling the media “we’re in a storm of fuck” might not be that smart, from a point of view of causing panics, but afterwards it would be brilliant.  Like, “we were in a storm of fuck, but we fixed it, go fucking us”.  I’d trust a government that told me shit so reassuringly, how about you?

Um.  Anyway.  No Dex makes for a sad day, but I can move on.

So I moved on to the West Wing, and like half an hour into the first episode of the first season, I remembered why I don’t like politics.

It’s just so disappointing after the West Wing.  It really is.  The West Wing is just so stirring.  It gets you all tingly.  Even if you aren’t an American and don’t agree with them anyway, you’re all like, yeah, fuck it, go Josh and Toby.

So you watch West Wing.  And then you watch real parliament.

And nah.  Just nah.  It’s awful.  It’s dull.  Who the fuck cares.

Real politicians are just…  bad at it.  Their actual speeches are frankly, shitty.  They say boring things and do boring things and it’s just blah.  Compared to Jed.  So for an entire lifetime I am ruined for politics because the West Wing made me expect more.

Which might be a good thing, actually.  So never mind.