Um, Oops. My Subconscious Betrayed Me

So I’d wondered why Ellie was floating around my mind as a good name for an Australian in the middle of a war.

I worked it out eventually.

Um, yeah, there’s this.  That might be why.  So sorry famous dude, my bad.  Not that you’ll ever see this.  And its way too late to realize now, but completely humble my bad and I acknowledge subconscious and respectful wrongdoing.

And if you haven’t read these books, they’re really fucking excellent.  They creep up and stick with you, in a totally good way.   Hence this whole thing, obviously.

So this Ellie, much more than say, Buffy or Tank Girl or whoever, was probably my strong hero chick badass role model back in the day.  Or anything by Tamora Pierce.

Far more than Princess Leia, or the chick from Secret Life of Us, or smurfette, say.

And also Alanis for role-modelling how to break up with people and be ironic, obviously.  And yes, the Spice Girls.  And the Bride.  In spirit.  Although not for actual me as an actual childhood role model, but I wish.  But if I had a kid I’d definitely make her watch Kill Bill at 12.  Um, yeah, this by the way.

So since this has turned into a weird Tomorrow series plug, I’ll just go with that.  So if you ever saw original Red Dawn and thought it needed, you know, some sense and emotional engagement and characters who weren’t total douches, the Tomorrow books are basically that.  But much better.


2 thoughts on “Um, Oops. My Subconscious Betrayed Me

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much; I’m sure it’s happened to a fair number of people. Now that you’ve realised, there’s bound to be a way to salvage the character.

  2. Thanks dude! It’s not that big a deal, just I thought I should say something since it matches up enough to be obvious. Like, at least here. Those books have apparently sold 7 million copies in a country of 20 million people, so it’s like one-in-fucking-three Australians have one. So of all the books to do it too, this is the most obvious!

    But I’ll probably just leave it alone rather than try salvaging since it was a one-off short story anyway.

    But thanks for being reassuring!

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