Just to Mention It Because of the Date

So today is ANZAC day here, which to translate for Americans is basically your Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day combined.

Yes, I know we have Australia Day, but lets face it, that’s just a piss-up with a barbeque.

We also do the silence at 11am on November 11 thing, but it’s not an actual holiday, which actually makes it more touching, I think.  If you just do your thing in your day, and stop where you are.

So ANZAC day has these patroitic overtones because its seen as the moment a bunch of nasty colonials stopped scraping to the empire and stood up on their own.  Kind of.

And lots of them died.  Because unfortunately this was World War One, and like every military engagement in World War One a battle meant all of you running towards a bunch of fortified machine-gun posts and dying.

Most people here seem to think this is a big deal.  Some don’t.  Obviously the usual kind of political douche-canoes make trouble, because they can’t help themselves, and sometimes academic douche-canoes have theories about how all this is a nasty trick someone played to make us all think whatever.  But other than those, this is the one big commemoration day where people actually commemorate.

So because of that, I’ll quickly plug Operation eBook Drop again.   Its here and here and I talked about it here and here.

Basically, if you’re one of the writers who follows this blog, Operation eBook Drop is giving your books free to military personnel serving overseas.  Because its a nice thing to do for them.

And if you are military personnel serving overseas, or military personnel at home, or law enforcement, or emergency services, or whatever else underpaid and worthy, please just go to Smashwords and download whatever you like of mine without paying.  You can fairly easily, and its explained on the other links.

That’s all.  I don’t want to go on about it, this just seemed like a good time to mention the whole thing.

And I think ANZAC is meant to be in capitals, because its an acronym, but how it gets used seems pretty inconsistent so I’m not sure.

And because Kiwis get grumpy if they get ignored, ANZAC is Australia and New Zealand, and some of us over here may tend to forget that sometimes.  Um, like the prime minister on occasion.  So New Zealanders, please feel acknowledged.