New Story – Being Home

A new story is up.  This is a sequel to Coming Home, which is kind of erotica set in rural Australia.   So this one is Being Home, see the arty naming thing there?

So this is continuing the same basic idea – Bec waves her tits around and then has fairly vanilla sex, with dabs of farm life and scenery for color.

And I’m not sure why but both these stories sort of start the same way, with flashing, and both have Bec thinking of herself as a poster in a shop.  I didn’t completely realize until afterwards, but it seemed sort of a nice symmetry once it was there.

So I left it.

Um, that paragraph was a bit incoherent.  I get less understandable when I’ve been writing all day, but hopefully that makes sense.

On Smashwords and ARe, and Amazon too in time.

And sorry for typos because I assume there are some.  I’m back to proof-reading myself.