We Moved – New Domain Name

Oh yeah, there’s also this.

So even though I haven’t actually paid off the cover photos bill yet with writing earnings, I just gave into wordpress nagging about having a domain name.

Because I’m, you know, suceptible to marketing and shit.

And because it’s really fucking cheap.

So this should all now be at tessmackenzie.com if you look up the top.  All the old links should still work, since its all on wordpress and all goes to the same actual pages, but you know, that’s cool.

But there might be more going on behind the scenes, and I think I see different stuff to all of you.  So say if anything gets fucked up and you lose the blog somehow and I’ll try and fix it.

2 thoughts on “We Moved – New Domain Name

  1. Thanks Vixen, I feel like a real internet person now!

    And you gave me a fright for a second, I was all, fuck, I have broken the blog somehow, someone’s come to tell me. But thank you.

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