Yet More on War and Politics and Edges of Empires

So I need to shut up about all this.  Because who really cares what I think.  But obviously I’m not going to because there’s a whole lot more words underneath these ones.

So more about yesterday.  Some political stuff might have slipped in there when I was trying to talk about writing and reviews.

I don’t think I said this as clearly as I could have then, so I will say it again, clearly.  I am actually pro guns and pro military and pro a strong national defence.   I am very pro all those things.


I’m actually pro military and defence.  The guns thing, as has been said before, is slightly more tongue in cheek.

Like completely tongue in cheek, really.

But the first two, yes.  In actual, real seriousness, I do think it’s inhumanly selfish not to be nice to military and emergency services people who risk their lives for you.  I also think it’s hopelessly naive and shows you never watched the actual, you know, news, to think that bad shit doesn’t happen in the world and you don’t need them or the military.

So maybe some post-911 thing.  If you become a grown-up during the War on Terror, you get all invested and feel some stake in this stuff.  Maybe more invested than in welfare and schools and hospitals and other things the government pays for that I never use.  Maybe.

No kids, remember?  Not old yet?  So the only thing the government buys me that I care about is roads.  And the army.

Oh, and the ABC, actually.  Come to think of it, that could be worth all the tax I don’t pay.


So what I was going to say was this.  I was watching the news, for once, and I realized something odd.

But I need to digress to explain.

In Australia we’re in the middle of finding out that military institutions and religious institutions, like any institutions, can be attractive to damaged, predatory people, and that damaged people use their positions to take advantage of other people.  Some bad shit has been quietly going on in the Australian military and in a fuck of a lot of churches.  And in orphanages.  And in the police and welfare organisations who ignored what was going on.  And pretty much everywhere else, it seems like.

The military and churches are what has been in the news lately though.   There, abuse seems to have been about what it has been found to be other places, which is to say very, very bad if you’re involved, but fortunately not universal.

But I don’t actually know.  This is still being found out.

So this is terrible, obviously.

I realized something, though.  Call my personal morality fucked sideways, but I expect better of the military than of religious churches.

I realize that probably isn’t right, and will cause all manner of upset and anger to people who believe in some quite wildly different things to each other, but I do.

I’m also not so fucked up I didn’t think it was odd.  It is kind of weird, when you think about it.  Its probably also a perception that religious believers should care a lot about, or at least their marketing departments should, and it might even be something that explains whatever interesting shit about me, and someone might even care.  So there you go.

That was my thought.

And that’s as political as I ever get.

I really need to start talking about smut again.  Sorry for all this.