Erin is Free at Amazon

So on the off-chance there’s actually someone who is reading this, and wants a copy of Erin, and doesn’t actually have one yet from the other places, it seems to have just turned free at Amazon.

In case you want a geniune shiny kindley copy.  Or something.

So it’s been free at Smashwords and ARe for a while, long enough there’s also a sequel, and I’m really fucking sorry if you bought it for actual money, and didn’t realize it was free other places, and now it just went free at Amazon too.  If that happened, please, please tell Amazon and they should give your money back.  Apparently.  I hope.

All of this is because the only way to get free stories onto Amazon seems to be put them up with a price, and tell Amazon it’s free everywhere else, and then wait a week while they check and make sure and change the price.  I can’t set it to free myself, like I can other places.

I mean, I can if I’m Stephen King, but if I’m me, then nope, I’m not allowed.

So they don’t get swamped with newbie indie authors trying to freebie their way into people’s hearts, I assume.

You know, like me.

So fair enough to Amazon.

And this is why the other free stories aren’t on Amazon.  I put Erin up there because people seem to like it, and I hoped this would happen.  But I feel bad for the people who pay for it in the week it takes Amazon to organize the free-ness.  And I don’t know how blatant I can be saying its free other places, without getting stomped on by Amazon.  There’s rules about off-site advertising.   Which is also fair enough.

So anyways.  I don’t know I should do this with other stories, which is why I haven’t as yet.

But if there’s any that people desperately want something on Amazon for some reason, say so and I can.  Like, if you get sick of Smashwords or ARe mobi files being ‘documents’ not ‘books’ or whatever.

Um.  And sorry again if you paid.

And Edges of Empires is also free at Amazon, complete with a shitty review,  but maybe read this first, just so you don’t get a shock.  It’s not like the other stuff I write.

And thank you everyone for reading what I write.  I’m really fucking grateful.  So grateful I just through Amazon hoops just so you can.