Heath warnings about parasitic rat-shit snail-borne brain diseases!

So while I was looking around for something completely different for a really good reason that doesn’t need explaining, I ended up finding this.  And now I just have to share.

I shit you not.  This is about an actual health department warning.

Quotey –

“Rat lung worm or Angiostrongylus catonensis is a parasite that mainly lives in rodents such as rats and can infect snails and slugs that come into contact with infected rat faeces. People can be infected when they eat an infected snail or slug”

Then you get brain meningitis and die.

Like, what the fuck?

You get a brain disease from eating a slug that crawled over rat shit.   Which makes me think this here, this disease, is why we invented civilizsation and indoor plumbing and tinned food.

And by the way, this is my actual state’s actual department of health.  People who live near me are eating rat-faeces infected slugs so frequently they have to be told not to.I mean, you’d think this was something people would work out on their own.  So this is for the person who needs to be told not to use the hair dryer in the bath.  Or that knives can cut you.

I’m just fucking shocked into silence. Really.


So actually, after all my drama, it’s not quite that exciting.  Actually what they’re saying is that children might eat slugs they find in the garden if you aren’t watching them, and to be careful what’s in your lettuce because as well as lettuce there might be a rat-shit brain-disease infected slug, and that would be bad.

So that’s all right.  I just reacted before I’d read the whole thing.  Never mind.

Um, except how if your local supermarket is selling bagged lettuce with rat-shit brain-disease infected slugs in it, that’s probably some kind of issue you should take up with them.

So I shall go back to the original what the fuck.

Just, what the fuck.

Anyways, the health warning also has this very helpful strategy for prevention –

“Don’t eat raw snails or slugs. If eating snails, ensure they are thoroughly cooked first.”

Okay.  And yes I will.

And um, what?

I mean, yeah, I get the French do this.  But surely they’re different snails.  Like specially-bred tasty ones they keep away from rat shit.  Grown indoors.  In sanitary slug-growing cages, or something.

I really fucking hope.

Because wouldn’t the rats try and eat the slugs?  I mean, rats eat anything right?

So if you have a commercial snail-farming operation, you’d want to keep the rats away from the snails.  Presumably.

And it’s worse, when you stop and think about it.  These slugs are the particular ones who got away from the rats, after getting infected by their faeces, and then had the bad luck to be caught and eaten by a human.

So very unlucky, long-shot chance snail.

Which, when you think about it, makes the human who gets infected the most unlucky person in the world.

Other than how they just ate a slug.  That’s pretty bad too.