So I don’t have an e-reader

Um, yeah, confession time.  So I don’t have a kindle.  Or any of the others.  I have a computer.  That’s it.  And paper.

So it might seem weird that I’m pretty much an ebook-only author.  Like, yes, you could go get One Plus Two as a paperback if you wanted to, but no-one actually has.

Partner keeps threatening to get some kind of e-reader, claiming its to support me and such, but I’m not convinced this is true.  The supporting me part, as opposed to the just getting a kindle part.  Since partner can have any of my stories for free whenever, and in fact would be positively encouraged to, and handed it on paper, and a red pen, and everything, so yeah, I’m not sure.

But for now, yeah, big confession.  No kindle.  No iPad.  No anything.  I have to read ebooks on an actual computer.

How fucking backwards.

Anyways, kindles.  So I do know people who have them, enough I hear about the complications putting non-Amazon books on them.  So as a public service, I was going to put a link to somewhere explaining what to do.  Just in case that’s useful for anyone.

So I went and looked for a link.  Because, you know, I don’t have one so I don’t know.

And, kind of funnily, when I was looking, the seventh or so result – and basically the least shitty – is this.

Which I was sitting there, looking at, thinking why the fuck does that name seem familiar?

Um, yeah.   It’s familiar.  It’s the book between Erin and Erin 2 on ARe’s erotic lesbian fiction list at the moment.

So I don’t know if this is just rude and cheeky to link to it, since I’m like the fucking competition.

But I will.

Because this is just fucking cool.  I mean, there’s this huge crowded busy world out there, and last year this person was trying to sneak a free book onto Amazon and wrote that, and then the other week I did the same.  And last year this person decided to explain how to put a non-Amazon book on a kindle, and today I sat down to find out how.

And then, just fucking snap.

So yeah, go read that to find out how.

And I have no idea if I’m just being like a total douche-canoe here, kind of like stealing a rival’s explanations or something.  Because maybe this person thinks I’m a rival, but I’m so fucking not.  I’m pretty sure she is way, way ahead of me, and I’m not so much actual competition as just sitting in her dust watching her disappear over the horizon.  So Harper Bliss, dude, if you see this and are offended, I’m sorry, I just thought it was fucking cool once I realized how I knew your book.  And if you see this and are happy, um, hi.  Wave.

So I shall say this too, because you hordes of Smashwords people might not have noticed Harper Bliss yet since the sorting is different on Smashy.  If you’re reading, you know, this blog, for whatever reason, there’s a chance you might like that book too.  Obviously.  So go here, then follow the link to Smashwords,  and get the other book because there’s probably some common interest or whatever.

Like, I’m really trying not to be horrible.  Don’t hate me, Harper Bliss.  It was just too cool a coincidence not to post.

Update after a little while to recover: So for the people who don’t read the comments, Harper Bliss did in fact turn up and say she didn’t mind.  So that’s both cool and very nice of her.  Yay.  That’s all.  I’m still a little startled by it all.

6 thoughts on “So I don’t have an e-reader

  1. I don’t know if you consider a tablet an e-reader but, yeah, I don’t have one either. But I do have the Kindle app, even though the Kindle app can sometimes majorly screw up books and I have to go through myself and adjust everything. But I’m happy with my Surface RT, which is kind of like a laptop.

    • Erm, we’re so backward around here the question of tablet’s e-readery-ness hasn’t come up. Although partner is also threatening to get an iPad on alternate days to a kindle.

      I looked in the shop and I like the iPad book app turning page thing. Wow, it’s like an actual page! The animation bends! You can see the other side of the page through the paper!

      Yeah, I know, now I sound like a technophobe hick.

      • Honestly, I had no idea there was a reading app like that on the iPad. Must be new because I just had the kindle app. Nothing impressive but got the reading done.

    • Okay, so I’m slightly stunned that was so quick. I didn’t think you’d actually notice, I was just kind of talking to myself.

      Um, wow. And thank you, and I’m glad you don’t mind! I wasn’t sure I should but meh, it was weirdly funny.

      Um hi. And good luck to you too.

      I shall go back to following along behind in the dust now.

      Um. Embarassed silence now, I think.

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