More on rat-shit brain parasites and slugs

So it has been pointed out to me that my astonishment at the heath department warning about eating slugs is not unique.  There’s pages like that all over the web.

Because someone did it.  And got sick.  For fucking months.

So that’d be why.

I found a UK newspaper page, UK because it’s hopefully more permanent than the local paywall ones, which I was going to just link to.

Then I noticed the link box of other stories.

telegraph page

In case you can’t see clearly, I shit you not, the three stories are

Drug ring 'run from bank'
Australian motorists fined £216 for failing to lock their cars
Australians shoot each other 'to see if it would hurt'

The bank was in Sydney.

It’s like they have an actual category of weird stupid shit Australians do, and all those are from a month and a half in 2010 too.  So this isn’t an uncommon set of stories.

Some days I wonder how we look to the outside world.