And Another Vague Thought on Gaming

So I was thinking about the premise of Red Dawn and Tomorrow When the War Began.  Evil foreign power invades whichever country, plucky young peoples resist.

Except now both Australia and America are full of people who’ve played first-person shooter games.

So now that Korean or Cuban or alien invasion force is invading a country where half the population understands fire and advance, and cover, and the importance of moving after each shot when sniping, and small unit tactics, and never to freeze up and be indecisive.

That could get interesting.

So lots of us will die.  The good guys, I mean.  The resistance.  Lots and lots of us.  But enough won’t, because all we need to do is put that theory into practice and survive long enough to do it.

Then the invaders are fucked, because now every street of every suburb now has a Napoleon learning as they go.  Who can stay home and play fps games to get good.

Because presumably the invaders will want us to keep our game consoles so we stay quiet and meek and don’t make trouble.

Which all sounds completely stupid, except, again, this.