Well shit, apparently we on the internets fixed the XBox One

So after a million other hissy fits like my little moan-fest the other week by, you know, everyone all over the entire fucking internet, Microsoft have decided to give up on their always-on DRM thing on the new xBox.

So that was a lot quicker than I expected, since the usual timetable for Microsoft reversals is years, not days.

And it was not without a bit of begrudging complaining about how we all don’t know what we actually want and what’s best for us, and we ought to let them improve our lives.

Oh sorry, that was gizmodo.  I guess they must reprint Microsoft press releases word-for-word, because that’s what this one sounds like.

There’s an awful lot about how we should all get over ourselves and not worry about DRM, because worrying about DRM is apparently so last decade, but which accidentally makes the point quite well anyways.  That the whole problem is other people being able to stop you using the game you bought.  Any people.  Microsoft or the publisher or whoever.  Because the authentication server is unprofitable and gets closed, or you move to another country, or you blog something rude about Microsoft, say.

Because entertainment companies never quite seem to get their heads around the idea that to their customers, buying a game means buying the game, and all the rest, all the licenses and everything, is just pedantic legalistic bullshit that no-one reads.

Just like with songs and ebooks and movies and all the rest.

Just like Australian retailers never get their heads around how we’re buying stuff from US websites because their local websites are utterly shitty and their actual physical stores are even shittier.  Not looking at anyone in particular, DJs and Myer.

And yes, just to mention this, I am in the entertainment business myself, kind of.  And yes, since you asked, to the best of my knowledge my writing is DRM-free.  I say best of my knowledge because Smashwords distribute to some pretty weird little corners of the internet and I’ve given up trying to find them all, but I hope.

And by the way gizmodo, iTunes got big after it got rid of DRM, just to point that out.

So anyways.   Microsoft.

That’s all nice.  Consumer power speaks and Microsoft listen and everything.

Um, oh yeah, except the whole creepy always-on camera thing.  I mean, it’s better how its not sending nudey pictures to Microsoft because it’s not connected to the internet, but it’s still fucking creepy.

And the attitude here is still a bit snotty.  Like I said about their support for broken 360s.  In their hearts, Microsoft think that Office and Windows Server are the real serious adult things they do and the Gaming division is just toys for children and we should all just shut the fuck up and do what they tell us.  Because if we’re buying xboxes we’re five years old.

I don’t get that crap from Sony, so I’m still going to get a PS4.

I mean, not right away because of this whole struggling author thing, but you know, one day.  After you get bored and sell yours second-hand and all.

Afterthought Update as I post: For people overseas, that online retail link up there goes to the ABC website, which is the government-funded broadcaster here, sort of like PBS in the US.  So the comments there are pretty batshit.  And I don’t know why that’s a so, necessarily, but they just are.  I guess because people who have nothing better to do than comment on the ABC website are the kind of people who believe muchly and who can turn absolutely anything into a shit-fight about politics in about two posts, like they do there.  So just sorry, on behalf of the rest of us.  The actual blog post is good though.

And yes, to do my bit to change the world and be a slacktivist, for the DJ and Myer social media teams, I really do buy shit from the US because the US plus postage is only 20% more expensive than going to your actual store or website and I hate going to your actual store or website that much.

You think I’m joking?  No joke.  It really is that bad.


Of course I’m joking.  DJs and Myer obviously don’t actually have social media teams and won’t ever see this.  That’s kind of the whole problem.