Don’t you love how a blog lets you have the total last word

So about the last sentence of the update bit on the last one.

Isn’t it great how a blog means you can have the total last fucking word of all fucking time and it doesn’t matter how much else is said with actual words into your actual ears, because what you write down is written down forever so it wins.  Completely.

Yes, I’m using my powers for evil.

Yes, partner is actually talking to me right now and it’s totally fucking terrible I’m doing this.

Yes, I only just realized I could.

And how fucking cool it is.

I’m right.

To all of you, I mean.

Partner and I are talking, and I’m typing, and there’s people out there in the internets who are going to read this, but they only get to hear my side of things.  So whatever I say to you, I’m right.  At least to you.  Because I just won’t tell anyone if partner convinces me I’m wrong, so even if I know I’m wrong, to the rest of the world I’m right.  Just because of what I said here.

Fuck.  That’s so cool.  And also takes a moment to get your head around.

As well as that, there’s more of you than there are of partner, so I’m also right by a vote.  Even if only one person reads this, me plus you means I win, by the entire point of democracy and politics and shit.

Like, you can be right in disagreements at home just by getting people on the internet to agree with you.

I mean, not quite, but at the same time, kind of completely true too.

Fuck.  That’s both scary and very cool at the same time.

I just got what that means, being able to write down your own version of everything and it be right only because no-one sees the other side.  I understand why people write their memoirs now.  And bother lying to journalists.


Update again: Partner, who isn’t actually upset or anything like this makes it sound, says that this is the whole point about history being written by the winners, dickhead.  Dickhead being me.

Partner also says you shouldn’t all encourage me to be some kind of propaganda-writing weasel who just makes shit up to win arguments because if I ever did start doing this for real, about important things, I just would and I’d be a total fucking monster and then you’d all be sorry.

Because I wouldn’t take it seriously enough to have any conscience about it.

Which I’m not sure is entirely true, but there you go.  I repeat unfair character assassination too.  Because of fairness and balance and shit.