So wtf, apparently we have a new prime minister

I only just realized.  Like, four days later.

Yeah, I know this is bad.  I mean, not bad, because I’m not obliged to care, but a little startling, as basic information everyone in society has that I didn’t notice, and this not noticing is a bit worse than usual.

So I only just realized.

I’m a little surprised too.

Basically, the TV said the prime minister and said “he”, and I was sitting there thinking I was almost certain that didn’t sound right.  But what do I know.

So I asked.  Just to check.  And partner explained.  And then laughed at me for a while.

Apparently not keeping up with the gossip in Canberra is fucking funny or something.

So apparently there’s a new prime minister, and everyone else knows this.  And now I google, yes, that seems right.  Apparently everyone else knows this so much so that I don’t think I even need to explain this for people overseas.  So that’s there, and I only just realized.  Apparently I was the last person in the whole fucking world to hear.

So there was a brief, brief moment where I thought something exciting had happened, but no.  It’s that same dude back again.  Yay, I guess.  Or how dreadful, as you prefer.

So anyways, I said what the fuck happened with that?  Then realized that probably wasn’t a sensible thing to ask anyone, even partner, because they might tell you.  But partner sensibly just said politics happened with that, which I thought was actually quite clever, so I’ll write it down here.

And in my defence, for the not noticing, I really really don’t care about politics, especially this kind that involves politicians, and I quite often have whole weeks where I only look at the news links people send me, and I do spend all day at home on my own.

So yeah.  Somehow I missed it.

This probably isn’t what they were hoping when they did that, since there’s an election coming up and all, which is kind of funny in itself.

Here’s the thing, though.  Partner is laughing at me about this, but I’m almost certain partner said something yesterday about the prime minister without telling me it was a new prime minister.

So I blame partner as much as me for my self-inflicted ignorance.

Update: Partner says not telling me was deliberate because I’d just say I didn’t care and was bored and would get all ADHD, so there wasn’t any point talking about it.  But still.  Not talking about it for hours, and not saying anything at all, are kind of fucking different.  Kind of basic information everyone should know, I’d have thought.