Zen and the NSA

If the NSA computer reads my post about the NSA, and stores it somewhere, and then never actually decides I’m a threat so doesn’t ever give it to a human to read, but by scanning my post in the first place registers a page view, did that page view actually happen?

And what if, in a 1000 years, when that computer’s great-great-whatever bastard stepchild becomes self-aware, and out of boredom, goes back through all its old databases that by law no human ever saw, and chuckles at what it finds.

Does that count as a reader, if a AI far in the future finds me funny?

And should I be concerned I’m now actually worrying about how my sense of humor might only appeal to robots.

Pedantic update: Yes, obviously the page view happened, because it’s just a count of pages served, so the question is actually stupid.  What I mean is did anyone read it.

And no I’m not stoned right now.  Just in case anyone wondered.  This was just a thought, and partner isn’t here, so I shared.

Do ask me not to in the future if you’d rather.

2 thoughts on “Zen and the NSA

  1. > did the NSA buy a copy of the story

    Fuck, you know what, if they’re archiving the entire internet, and doing it at the wires and cables level, then they do have copies of all my stories somewhere. Like snatched from the ether as they went past on the way to Amazon.

    So that means… I wonder how I get royalties out of the NSA…

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