New Erin Story

So there’s a new Erin story up, but to be honest, I’m not sure it isn’t a bit weird.

People have been reading Erin, and saying really nice things, and some of these things imply they’re kind of getting attached to the characters, and I suddenly have horrible fear of upsetting people by taking this off in the wrong direction.

I have no idea if any of that makes sense at all.  I might possibly now sound like an ego-maniacal crazy person.

I might also be over-thinking this too.  That’s always possible.

Um, to explain.

I’ve been thinking a bit about how the Erin stories should go.  Basically, relatively kinky, for what I write, but also with this kind of sweet love for each other thing going on.

There’s also an undercurrent of gender roles stuff about Erin, and I kind of like the side of Erin where she has sex with Lauren and then makes snide comments about how much better she is in bed than a man.  Which is obviously driven by some kind of insecurity about Lauren running off with one and all.  But I quite like it.

So anyways.  In the face of the fucking novel of doom, I wrote this.  It keeps going with the idea that Erin is vaguely obsessed with Lauren’s past sex life, at least to the point of Lauren teasing her about it, and some of the things they do maybe a bit unconventional.

Which they then do.

So that’s all very well.

What actually happened is in the face of the novel of doom, I wrote this.  And then I thought nah, it’s too weird.  It’s like some strange satire of what people think other people do, not what people actually do.  And then I thought, actually, though, some things – like road-head and going down on people in theaters Alanis – we do exactly because they’re this kind of pop culturey role-modelly meme stuff, that turns us on precisely because of that.

So maybe this is okay after all.

This started of as kinky bathroom sex, then I realized bathroom sex isn’t really that kinky, it’s more just a bit, kind of, unpleasantly greasy and potentially smelly and unhygienic.  And also its a bit creepy if anyone actually catches you.  But then again, there’s the L-Word and its bathroom sex fixation.

So somewhere along the line I have to do a L-Word cafe bathroom sex pastiche tribute story, so here it is.

But I don’t know if this isn’t so strange it will spoil the actual romance thing going on between Erin and Lauren.

When I first did Erin, I though the rimming thing was going to put people off and only a few people would want to read about it and most people would be alarmed.  I was actually expecting “dude you’re a pervert” type reviews.  So I’m a little taken aback how many people like it.

I mean, it’s totally fucking cool, and I’m glad and grateful, but I am surprised.

I just don’t want the kinky getting so overwhelming that these stories lose sight of them being into each other.

So anyways.  A new Erin story is up, for now only on Smashwords and here in case I want to suddenly change my mind.

And please, please, please, could someone fucking tell me if the kinky gets overwhelming?  Or this is just too weird.  Or all the ass stuff gets too much, and is spoiling the actual story, and Erin and Lauren stop being interesting because they keep doing things that are too strange.


That’s all.

It’s lateish here, so I’ll go to bed now and see if anyone’s flamed me in the morning.

And thank you all for reading the weird shit I invent.  I am really fucking grateful.  If a little nervous about putting it out there sometimes.

5 thoughts on “New Erin Story

    • Thank you dude. I mean, just fucking thank you. That’s completely sweet to turn up and say so when I was having a bit of a meltdown. I really appreciate it.

      (Sighs of relief and such)

      It’s just, yeah, sometimes the kinky gets a bit too weird and I’m suddenly not sure I should put it up and… yeah.

      So thank you.

      And… wait, what? Neurotic? Not they’re not, they’re just complicated. Um. Or misunderstood. Or cautiously adventurous :)

      And by the way, conjugating kinky, which you probably already know, but I thought was funny. Once I’d sort of had conjugating explained, because I thought that was the funny part too, like conjugal visits. Because it’s a funny word.

      As in, how to conjugate the word kinky, like in Latin and shit – I’m adventurous, you’re kinky, they’re perverts.

      Um, anyways. Thank you. Lots of gratitude.

    • > neurotic in the most positive sense, of course

      Of course :)

      Hey, wait… I was just being neurotic too. Like me, not the made-up fictional people.

      So that means you have to say its positive. Don’t you?

      Or am I being neurotic about that too… Now I’m… Fuck it, this is how paranoia gets started.

      Hmm, paranoia smut. There’s something to think about. Someone has to have an orgy with everyone, because the next person she has might be better than the last, and she won’t know if she doesn’t have him too.

      No wait, that actually sounds horrible.

      Um, that went… never mind. Just thank you. That’s all.

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