Although, About Romance…

So about the romance genre thing.

I’m actually not sure who reads this blog, and I’m guessing a bit from comments and the blogs of people following, but I think some of you are writers too.

So for them, just to point it out, this.  It’s a couple of months old now, but basically Amazon has mysterious filters in place that stop shoppers seeing books that are erotica.  Basically.  Unless they look really hard.  So it may be beneficial to say you’re writing romance, if there’s any ambiguity at all, because a lot more people will then see your book listed in searches than if you say you’re writing erotica.

KD also pointed out that I’m potentially doing myself a disservice by making stories harder to find but ignoring one genre.  So there’s that too.

This is just passing along those two things, so I don’t lead anyone astray by mistake.  Since half the idea of this blog is me writing about learning the business side of being a writer, and then talking about it, in case it’s useful.   Even though that part does kind of keep getting forgotten.

So there you go. Information in order that you may decide.

Me, I’m still sticking to not doing romance, because – at least right now – I’d rather have less readers and not be hated, than get shit for not writing romance the right way but be seen by a lot of people.  And then annoy a lot of people.

But that’s me.  And my peculiarities.  And what I write.

Bearing in mind I still don’t put anything on Barnes and Noble because of the hissy fit months ago, and because of how all their customers are asshats.  So I might not quite be the titan of capitalism that you want business advice from.

But anyways.

That link up the top also makes a cool point about how much of kindle’s sales may be driven by the ability to discreetly read smut on a train.  Which I think I have snidely alluded to before.  And is probably right.  And makes me feel all squiffy and proud, for being part of that.  Go us smutty people!  We’re revolutionizing books and such!

Now I shall go and attempt to finish a thing.

2 thoughts on “Although, About Romance…

  1. Because of how you’re taking all this business advice from me and if only you’d known…?

    Or the hidden erotica search thing? Because with that, in hindsight after the grief with Smashwords, I’m thinking it’s probably best to be up-front with the shops because then they hopefully won’t get unreasonably angry when you bump into their line of good taste. Whereas if you try and hide what you’re doing… Basically.

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