Edges of Empires Reboot. Basically

So this to keep going from the last one.  This is mostly about the last of those links.

I was going to write a post today basically joining in that.  Like, yay, let’s have a bit of fun, and write about all the fuss, and get all snarky at the wrongdoers, and wave a sword around.  Wittily.  Oh ha ha people and their ideas, oh how amusing they are.

In the middle of that, being kind of flippant, I wrote that I should so turn Edges of Empires into near-future SF and see what everyone thinks of that.  What with all the women and violence and such.

And then I stopped and thought.

I mean I actually, honestly stopped.

And thought.

And realized, um, shit, actually I should.

I totally should turn Edges of Empires into near-future SF.

Because it basically is.  In a weird, weird way, it fits.  That’s what it was all along.  I just hadn’t realized.  The SF-ness actually lets me say what I wanted to say better, like how the world depicted there is actually here, and is going to be here for the next generation, and that scares the fuck out of me a bit, to be honest.

And the whole thing was meant to be overtly making a point anyway, but that didn’t work out, so much, and that issue’s done, really.  So this point might be better worth making.

So anyways.  That’s what I did today.  Instead of the snarky ranting.  I went and added a few lines to Edges of Empires, and it’s now kind of near-future SF.

You know, so near-future I get to keep all the guns and helicopters, and cars still don’t fly.  Because proper SF doesn’t do shit like flying cars, anyway.  I changed the laptop to a tablet, and added a couple of bits about war without end in the middle east and oh fuck me, it’s still all about control of oil.

Then I made a new cover.

If you’ve already read Empires, there’s no reason at all to look again.  It’s the same, with a couple of hundred words added.  If you haven’t, it’s there.

But it’s fucking violent, and has torture in, and is at last half-way to some obscure point I was trying to make months ago about smut-porn vs torture-porn, so really just fucking don’t if you aren’t into any of that kind of thing.

Um.  Like how you shouldn’t be, obviously.

But it’s at Amazon and at Smashwords and it’s actually free at both.  Thank you Amazon, I am grateful.  But maybe go to Smashwords so you don’t see the shitty reviews.  Although.  Amazon!  Free!

And hopefully that’s not too weirdly confusing for anyone who has it, and it suddenly changed.  And also, yes, I’m now apparently using two different names for SF, when I’m not doing either very seriously at all.  So that’s strange too.  Except it’s not, because that’s part of the actual point of all those links.  I’m writing violence as Tessa, and that’s on purpose, because it shouldn’t actually make a difference, but to a lot of people it does.

And yeah.  Today has been a ranty day.  Sorry if it got weird.

Back to smut tomorrow.

Footnote: Um, yeah, I know it isn’t all always about the control of oil, it’s about tribalism and anti-imperialism and self-determination and wars of cultures and strategic positioning and, oh yeah, oil.