Reductionist Erotica

Reductionist Old School Erotica like Black Lace

Tania is at a staff meeting.  Mr Boring talks boringly about boring and also about boring until Tania wants to cry from boredom.  She goes home and Joe Boring, no relation, her boring boyfriend, has boring sex with her and then watches boring on the TV.  She has an existential crisis during this sex and gets on a plane to somewhere exotic.  She meets exotic men in the exotic place.  One or more of them teaches her new ways to make herself bendy, and also about enjoying life.  She has a threeway, tries anal, explores bisexuality, and has loads blown in her mouth, and goes home fulfilled.  It is probably raining when she gets home.

And yes, this is meant as a loving tribute, because I fucking adore these books, and am basically writing what I am because Black Lace.  Like non-overly-intellectualized everyday smut, kinda, so this pretty much applies to me too.

So in equitableness…

Reductionist Tess Erotica

Jane’s relationship has a few minor problems.  She addresses them by accidentally having an orgy.  This is excusable, because she briefly considers whether it is an appropriate thing to be doing immediately before doing it.  She does anyway, has a lot of orgasms, and ends up quite sticky.  After that, she is happy with her life.

Just to be fair.

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