So now I can break HTTPS Everywhere

So just a thing.

If you’re using HTTPS Everywhere, like I was saying everyone ought not too long ago, it may break on the new format of this blog.

I think.

Basically, if the fonts look weird, they might be broken.

Or you might have different taste to me.


The post headings are meant to look like a handwritingy kind of thing.

Which still doesn’t help.

There’s probably no easy way to check with me describing fonts with words.  If you recognize the theme, I’m not using the default fonts.  There you go.

Anyways, what’s happening is the fonts are being sent from a different website, which I guess is using a mix of HTTP and HTTPS so something isn’t turning up right at the right place, and I’m pretty sure it’s HTTPS Everywhere after doing ye olde basic switching shit on and off test, and also pretty sure that if you enable the WordPress (partial) and Adobe rules on the pop-up menu thing the problems go away.

So there you go.

WordPress because the blog is actually here, despite the domain name, by the by, and Adobe because they run the other site that WordPress uses for fonts.

But don’t feel obliged too because it’s not like I’m a superstar of design, and it’s not that pretty to start with.

But on the other hand, this was all mainly because the body text on the old theme was a bit hard to read, and this was easier.

So maybe you should.

And I’m also not completely sure it’s HTTPS Everywhere, since I’ve got a whole tangle of ad-blockers and anti-trackers, but I think.

And yes, since you ask, I am fiddling around with this rather than writing.  And no, I shouldn’t be.