Smashwords Interview

So Smashwords have made an author-interview-bot, basically a script that spits up questions to interview you.

And I did.  Because the idea of being interviewed by a robot is just fucking cool!  It’s like a Turing Test where they see if I’m a computer, as well as I do them.

If you would be interested, it’s on there, or on here.

But their one is in the wrong order, because the robot fucked up.  Somehow.  I don’t know.

So what’s the one thing cooler than being interviewed by a robot?  It’s being interviewed by a broken robot.  Hah!

My humanity is not only proven, it is also validated.  Go me!

And yep, they are told and presumably it will be fixed in time.

Pre-post Update: No it isn’t a Turing Test, just before someone gets all nitpicky.

Actual Later-On Update: So Smashwords got back to me and fixed the broken in like half an hour.  Just to give credit.  So yay for them, and no more a broken robot.  But still an actual robot interviewing me!