New Story of the Week: Wingmen

So the thing with this.  A strange little thing I’m trying.

I’ve got a little bit obsessed with websites where you can make comics lately.  As anyone looking at the blog might have noticed.

So there’s this, which is the normal kind of story, like with the words, and there’s also a graphic-novel short-story version.

Yes a comic.

So what was going on was I wanted to try writing a graphic novel and a story at the same time.

Um.  For no real reason, actually.  Just because I did.

So I did.  First there was a draft of this story, then the comic, then I finished the words.  So it’s the same core, but a little of the detail is different, and the story fills in a lot about Gemma and Josh’s friendship that there wasn’t room in the graphic version for.  But it was still half-written in the pictures, so it’s not really one was first or anything.  Both versions are kind of all twisted together.

That means mostly these are the same words, except the graphic version is shorter, and in a few places things clashed weirdly, like some of the words-version’s talking needed “saids” added in, which broke the flow of the speech bubbles a bit.  Otherwise, I think the story version has pretty much all the same words as the graphic version, but with extra ones added.

Except that the site where the comic got made has pretty strict rules about content and swearing.  Because it’s, um, well, for children.  So that isn’t there in the graphic version.  And also a fair bit of the detailed talk about the bet is missing, too.

So basically I wrote this on purpose as not-smut enough I could cut out the swearing and still make speech bubbles that wouldn’t offend anyone.

So anyways.  That was the idea.

There’s a story that isn’t smut, that’s really just people in bars, and talking, and how they interact.

The words are on Smashwords or on here or Wattpad, and the graphic version is here.

Um.  Thank you for humoring me!

So cover one and cover two.  Or something.  I think clicking them will even take you places now, because I just worked out how to do that.  Yay!

wingmenwingmen cover

And yep, that is the cartoon picture from the other day, with a new title, and yep, the ebook cover has nothing to do with anything, and I just liked the image.  I don’t know why she’d have headphones on in a bar, either.

But it’s like partying and shit.  So that’s about the only relevance.