So the anthology books are up on Amazon.  Yay!

Now I’m magically a real writer.  Ta-dah.

Erm, yeah right.  But it’s still kind of cool.  Because of all the other.

So.  Covers.  Here you go.

And I have finally worked out how to make the picture link to the Amazon page, not to a bigger picture.  So now they all do that.

Yay again!

The titles are a bit random, but I was trying to do something slightly different, so not just breathy sweaty smut titles.  So doesn’t rain because mostly the stories have positive-ish endings, and Squishy Group Hugs because, like, kind of an orgy.  Or something.

And the getting into a girl’s shorts is because, like, they’re shorts.  Like short fiction.  And they’re mine.  I’m a girl.  But also, they’re about getting into other girls’ shorts.  Because they’re about women with women.

So get it?

Oh never mind.  I thought it was kind of funny.

So anyway, those are here, and paper ones should turn up on Amazon soon too, and just thank you to everyone who’s been interested and kind and got me to here.  It’s still just a bit fucking amazing you’re out there.

It Doesn't Always Rain Squishy Group HugsGetting into Shorts