Me: The Time I Scared Someone by Being ADHD

So I thought I’d put up some stuff about me, just if anyone cares.  Usually from way back when, so its not obvious I’m me, and the other people in story don’t go hey, I remember that, this happened two hours ago and I know who that is.  Like with the bread shop thing.

So this is just a random thing that happened I was thinking about the other day.  With some bearing on a habit I have of getting hyper and talking back too much to people.

So I was in a video rental shop.  This is obviously back when they had video shops.  You know, way back when, two years ago.

I used to go there a lot, like all the time, so I kind of knew the people who worked there, and got suggestions, and gave suggestions, and it was all this lovely little reviewery circle of hugs.  Yay!

So thanks internet for ruining minimum-wage student employment.  Now we have iTunes reviews saying suuuxxxxx and interesting people have to work at McDonalds, I guess.


So I was there, looking at stuff, in a pre-existing head-space of sharing information about films, and there was guy looking at a movie I’d seen just the other day, so I said it was good.

Um, wait.  I just realized this sounds like the start of a story.  This isn’t dirty.  No-one’s actually having an orgy on the video-shop carpet.  Because first, from memory it was kind of scungy, what with the cleaning responsibilities being delegated to minimum-wage students, and also because this kind of thing does not happen in my actual life.  Just to be clear.

All that happened was I said that was good, and he went, I assume, something along the lines mentally of “chick talking to me, this can’t be bad,” and said oh yeah, why did I like it?

So I told him.  That took a couple of minutes because I got enthusiastic, and because I talk too much.

And he went, um, crazy person, and put the DVD back, and went away.

Which was a little sad, but never mind.

And by went away, I mean left with what he was holding and didn’t get anything else.

Which the video shop guy noticed, because of how they all knew me, because of the talking about what films are good, so for months after that he’d say things about not scaring off his customers.  So after this I tried not to.

So there’s a thing about me you can all know.  I get hyper.  Or passionate, if you prefer.  And I talk way too much.

I guess if you’ve been reading this you already knew that.