New Story of the Week: Sharing Amber

Erm, it’s smut, but it’s kind of not completely smut, just to say that.

So it’s about sex, but it’s not entirely meant to be sexy.

Or it is, but it isn’t.   It started off not sexy, but then she got empowered, so maybe that’s okay.  But more like Selling Jessie than anything else.

So basically, sex, but maybe a bit creepy, too, but also a bit real, like if a friend told you this rather than actual smut.

Although, on the other hand, the whole Edges of Empires thing, and I’m nastier than I mean to be without realizing.  So maybe this is creepy as fuck after all.

Anyways.  I’m not sure that anyone involved is a completely sound human being, is what I mean.  But, erm, more variations on new people joining existing couples.

But here, should you wish to look.

6 thoughts on “New Story of the Week: Sharing Amber

  1. Dude!
    So I read this and An Unfortunate Mistake, which made a very interesting back-to-back.
    And I just wanted to say that it’s interesting that this story, which features a woman who has lots and lots of sex that she finds very satisfactory, made me feel oddly sad, while Unfortunate Mistake, another of your not-quite-smutty-journey stories, made me cheer.
    Liked both, but I thought that was interesting.

    • Dude! I know! And thank you!

      There are days when I completely don’t know where my head’s at, and this is what happens. So me too, and I don’t get why either.

      And unfortunate mistake is just, “dear men, please think first.”

      Because yeah. Although that particular pairing maybe kind of makes me look a bit… I don’t know. Angry?

      • Although, actually. I have just been brooding on this.

        Maybe I see sex as darker than most people who like sex do. I think. Perhaps.

        Does that make sense? Because a lot of the time there’s “sex is fun, yay!” people, and there’s also “sex is terribly earnest and meaningful but also kind of scary” people, and perhaps people who write and read erotica would maybe tend be the first kind of people.

        But maybe I’m a bit more the second, at least as far as seeing more overtones of losing yourself in it, and that not always being good, and all sorts of shit like that.

        Because right after I posted that I kept thinking about Nietzsche and looking into the abyss, and I can’t quite put my finger on how that’s relevant, but it seems kind of fucked up to think it at all.

        Although this is my late-afternoon witching hour when I get moody and weird, so maybe this is all total shit!

      • Angry is fine. That works.

        I also loved it as a be-careful-what-you-wish-for story, as well as a don’t-be-a-douche story. Also a love-where-you-don’t-expect story. All good story-lines.

        But I’m still not exactly sure what my reaction to this story was about. I’ll have to reread it.

  2. Oh — and I think my stories tend to live on the seam between “sex is fun, yah!” and “sex is meaningful but scary.” I think. So yeah, I think I understand what you’re saying.

  3. > Angry is fine

    Erm, to a point. Not to end up being like the embittered stand-up comic of the smut world. That’s probably a little more arty than I was aiming for…

    But yeah, a be-care-what-you-wish-for, and also a for fuck’s sake, people, don’t encourage something that is so obviously not in your best interests. I mean, as a cultural meme kind of deal, not personal experience or anything, but the enthusiasm for this in some – admittedly imaginary – circles does seem a little short sighted.

    Or possibly just arrogant.

    Because an appropriate response to “so, dude, I’d just like your okay to fuck my best friend, even though we’re not swingers and are in love and have been together for years” is surely “um, no fucking way” pretty much always, rather than “she’s that hot chick, right? excellent!”

    Although maybe some people do work more that way. Especially people who don’t know their partner’s best friend’s name.

    Hey wait, maybe I am angry. Fuck. This is where re-orientating towards chick-lit from romance gets you. Like embrace the angry and go with it.


    And yeah, I kind of guessed the scary as well as fun, what with the student and teacher thing…

    Now I think I should write scary-smut, instead of sad-smut. Just to see where that goes.

    I shall write about nerve gas!

    Fucking seriously. I’m going to. Hah!

    This is so your fault what happens next, and I’m so going to tell everyone why : )

    And hey, also, thinking about blaming you. Because of what you said the other week about facebooks and things, I switched those little buttons on. Except now I’m trying to decide who doesn’t deserve to be out in front and not behind “more”, and feeling a little guilty for judging… Just so you know it’s all your fault too!

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