Social Medias: Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Google

So not entirely only because of the slight debacle with email following just now, but sort of, this here is now plugged into the social medias all over the place.

If you’d rather be getting it one of those ways, rather than the email or boring old-school reading it here, then now you can.

Um, I think it is, anyway.  It looks like it’s all working.

So I’d already gone off and got a Twitter.  Well, yesterday.  I’m really not sure why, but marketing, and um, shit.

Then I went to get a Facebook, but they asked too many questions, so I did something else instead. I can’t remember what.

Yes, seriously.

I seem to remember that happened last time I tried there, too.  And also, I think, with MySpace.

So no Facebook.

And I’d probably have just stopped there, and not done anything much about it, or said anything here at all, but then!  The debacle.

And I’m really sorry again, email person.

So now, to avoid that in the future, this is on the social medias.  Meaning I got un-lazy and set this up so it’ll spam the social medias when I post stuff.  But to be clear.  I know nothing about how all this works, and am probably wrong about what I do think, and all I did was just click some WordPress stuff to tell it to post to other places.

But now it should.  So if you’d rather have the convenience of keeping up, without the creep-factor of me knowing your email address, there are now options!  Yay!

So the twitter is @TessTheWriter.  And there is also Pintrest and Tumblr and Google’s somewhat naggy thing.

But, um, following blogs times ten.  Because not only am I a shitty, awful person about this stuff, but also, I haven’t done the social medias before.

Um, seriously again.

I just missed it all somehow, and I don’t know how to work them, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

So it might all be a bit fucking boring for a while, and just a string of blog posts in very reduced form, or whatever.  And I pretty much expect that to be the case, so this is just apologizing in advance.  So at the moment the idea is more to have other ways for people to read this, than to suddenly become a big twitterer.  Tweeter.  Whatever.

So basically, re-posting blog posts and not much else.  So I mean, um, talk and shit if you’re on them, and that would be really cool, but I don’t even really know how that works, so, yeah.  And maybe one day I’ll catch on, but for now I suspect I’ll be backward and slow and unhip and just embarrass you.

So I’ll try.  But I might not get it.  And like with the blog following, I’m pretty sure there’s some way I can turn it into a thing to worry about if I put my mind to it.

So we’ll see.

But also, on the other hand, Pintrest!

I fucking like.  I went and did it too, and to be honest I’m pretty sure already that Pintrest is mostly going to be ooh pretties.  Which seems like what it’s for.  Which is so fucking cool.

Yeah, I’m excited.  But its just, you look at shit.  And collect up a thingy of what you like.  Excellent!

Although, um…

I am a little alarmed that I’m supposed to be an aspiring novelist, and yet I’m currently writing flash fiction and only really engaged with the two social medias that do either tiny short messages or pictures.

Which just seems… bad?

Anyways, while I’m on all this, Goodreads too.  But I’m so not one of the cool kids there that it’s probably not worth bothering to find me.  Like, I’ll make you look uncool by standing near you.

Like at school?  Like how I keep making jokes about goodreads being like school?  So I’m so uncool that if you’re seen with me your cool goes down?

Never mind.

Anyways.  Me uncool.  No friends.  And also the not reading much thing means I’m really only there as an author, and that seems a bit wrong.  Like intruding, in a way.  Like the whole, it’s a reader space thing.  This is my safe space and goodreads is for readers, and all of that.   So I try to stay away mostly because of that.   But I am there if you want to, but I don’t really do much.  But please, if you wish!

And now this has gone on way too long, and got completely with the boring, and has far, far too much of the self-promotion, to the point that I’m feeling a bit queasy at myself.

So all this is really just to say, I was going to do this anyway, probably, but the fuck-up earlier moved things along.  So now there is this, and hopefully that’s better for someone who wants to read this in a different way.

So yay, today is a new phase of spreading smut out into the world!

And also.  So again, just thank you to everyone for wanting to read this.  Again.  Because I haven’t said that in a while, and I’m really grateful.  And thank you for reading the books, too.

And now I shall go and write something that isn’t “look at me” over and over.  And maybe have a shower.