More Reductionist! This Time Non-Fiction

Reductionist Self-Help Manual
Stop it.  Do this instead.

Reductionist Diet Manual
Don’t eat that.  Or that.  Yes, all right, that’s fine, but do some exercise too.

Reductionist Surgical Textbook
Be proud of yourself.  Cut things open.

Reductionist GP Textbook
Smile.  Not that much, it looks creepy.  Warm your hands.

Reductionist Eat, Pray, Love
Oh wait, she already did that in the title.  Never mind.

Reductionist Computer Manual For Dummies
It’s fine not to understand.  [200 pages of cartoons and affirmation]  It’s fine not to understand.

Reductionist Gardening Manual
Plant shit.  It grows.

Reductionist Farming Manual
Put shit in the paddock.  If it doesn’t run away, it grows.

Reductionist Investment Manual
Put money somewhere.  It grows.  If it doesn’t then this is due to circumstances beyond the author’s control so please don’t sue.

Reductionist Survivalist Manual
Hide shit.  Hide yourself.  Wait for the end.

Reductionist Apocalyptic Cult Religious Manual
Wait for the end.  Be happy when it happens.

And yes, this was mostly because I’m trying to sort out the facebook posting thing, and I needed to say something so you don’t all hate me for making you look for nothing.

Make you look! But luckily, here’s a thing to laugh at. Yay!