New Story: Zoe

So this is Pintrest’s fault.  Like all the looking at clothes and shoes sort of got me all hyper about shopping.  And while I’m blaming, it’s also Wattpad’s, because Wattpad doesn’t have an erotica section, so since I don’t do romance, not ever, everything I write at Wattpad is technically chick-lit.

So, in honor… here’s chick-lit.

Sort of.

At least, malls!  And shopping!  And shoes on the cover, because there aren’t really any in the story!

Um, yes, I get that chick-lit isn’t malls, it’s friendships and real life instead of romance.   So yeah, kind of a fail there.  Next time I’ll try and put a friend in.  But they talk about stuff, and it’s sort of witty, isn’t it?   I mean, witty like how I am?



This all started off as let’s do something fun, like flirting in a mall with shoes, yay!  Vaguely fun, anyway, while also trying something a little bit different to normal, because trying what doesn’t come naturally lets one improve and all that.

But then, and along the way, it got all earnest.  And kind of turned into, um, basically smut about clothes.  And about how clothes make you, and identities, and kind of how changing clothes lets can change identities too.

Which is definitely true if you’re an old-school superhero, but I’m not sure it is for anyone else.

So anyways.  This might be totally fucking stupid and just suck.  I’m honestly not sure.  But I hope not.  Because at the moment it’s this weird, bat-shit, shopping-lit, two-women flirting thing.  And I kind of liked it.

So it is what it is.  Maybe I’ll do fun in a mall another time.

And also, just to be pedantic at myself, this is really a GFC-retail-downturn kind of story, with empty shopping malls and everything.  So maybe a couple of years ago, I guess, rather than now.  At least for the rest of you, since apparently Australia’s about to get all kinds of fucked up.  So for us, it might be next week, if all the dire comes true.  But generically a few years ago.

Because it needed a quiet mall for this to work, kind of obviously, but also because when I thought about it, I don’t know malls are quite the happy places for me that they ought to be, not really.  Like they’ve been these slightly threatening, slightly desperate places on and off for most of my life, between terrorists and GFCs, so this kind of thing seemed to fit better.

So I shall become the great modern writer of dystopian mall fiction.  Go the fuck me!

Oh wait, I guess Kevin Smith already did that.  Never mind.

Anyways, all that to say that if this doesn’t fit with how your town and economy is right now, just assume it’s back then, and then it will work.  And also notice how the not describing thing helps here.  It’s a dress.  It’s so fucking generic it isn’t a particular year.

I was quite proud of that once I realized!  Yay!

So it’s here, or on Smashwords, or at Wattpad.  And everywhere Smashwords sends it, eventually.