I Write NQNAAL! Yeah I Just Made That Up

So I have decided I write Not-Quite-New-Adult-Any-Longer fiction.  Or No-Longer-New-Adult if that’s easier, but it’s less humorously weird looking.

I’ve been around Wattpad enough to find out what NA fiction is.  Um, New Adult, if this isn’t your thing.  So like YA, but after people grow up, and gets jobs, and go to college.  So like the second half of Buffy rather than the first.

So anyways, NA isn’t me.  People in mine seem slightly older.

But only just.

So I have decided, while I am making shit up as I go, that I write NQNAAL.  Or NLNA.

Meaning people who have only just finished being NA, and are moving on to the next thing in their lives.  So couples living together, with careers rather than college, and annual leave holidays rather than gap years, and automatic garage door openers and mowing lawns and all that suburban stuff.

So one way of thinking about it is that if YA is about the first time you think you’re in love, and NA is about the first time you’re really in love, then I’m kind of writing about falling out of that love, or it changing, or deciding it’s worth fighting for, or something like that.  Like the part that comes after the HEA.

And I almost think that’s something that kind of makes sense?  Yeah?


Um, and also, guilty confession, I’m being sneaky and also testing the facebook posting thing, because it still isn’t fucking working right.  But I thought I’d better actually say something while I did that…

Update: Fuck.  Nope.