New Stuff on Wattpad

Um, whoops, I forgot to say this before.   Because I just kind of wandered away from the computer and, um, didn’t remember to.

My bad.

So there are new chapter parts on the Wattpad serials, both for After the Shooting and for Housemates, which is newer and smut.   Basically.

And Housemates has the new here, too.  Um, down the bottom.

And I found out on Wattpad not to fuck up editing a file and just delete it and start over.  Because if it’s an existing file, doing that eats your read total for what you just deleted.  Um, obviously.  Should you care about getting that as high as possible.  So there’s a useful tip.  Wattpad does not use a universal per-book total of reads.  Unfortunately.  So do not do what I did.