And New on Wattpad

Um, yeah.  Just to say this too.  I’ve got a bit productive over there, and am being sucked into their addictive semi-serial writing model thing.  So there’s new stuff there most days at the moment, and I won’t bother saying it each time here.

And, just, fuck on the last.  I can’t believe I did that, and now feel like even more of a dick than I did a day ago, so I really am going quiet this time.

But thank you everyone for reading.  Even if I do go on an awful, awful lot.

And what I said last week, about appreciating not being told if you just don’t like stuff because it isn’t for you.  I mean it, and I’m really grateful, and thank you to anyone who is choosing to stay quiet and wait for what they prefer, rather than say.  Because, basically, I’d really rather go through life assuming everyone’s shy and embarrassed about smut, rather than that they hate me.

I’m pretty sure that makes sense.

Anyway.  Wattpad.  Go there.