Making Stupid Commitments

So I said this on Wattpad and I’ll say it again here.

Like, as a procrastination cure and for productivity through self-shaming and all that kind of thing.

I’m going to do my utmost to do at least a chapter of Housemates a day until it’s finished.  This means a chapter of around 1000 words, which isn’t much, except for being a finished chapter.

I think I do way better writing this way, so finishing as I go, than I do making a huge pile of first-draft that I then never actually edit or finish.  Which is what’s happening to the mythical novel.

Housemates is now just over 27,000 words of mostly-finished-ish writing, which is the longest thing I’ve ever written except One Plus Two, because it’s just gone past the other two novellas.  And it’s also now way more finished than the mythical novel, because that’s still a draft.

So I’m going to concentrate on this for a while.  Go look if you want.

But for fuck’s sake, no-one go saying the B word and jinxing it.  Please.  This is just a story, that’s still going on, and on, and on, okay?  Nothing more.