History and Eating

Um, cause I haven’t blogged in fucking ages – sorry – and cause at this time of year most people are either probably eating or watching TV, so it’s seasonally themed and stuff!

So, random facts, from a thing I just saw on TV but forgot to remember what it was.  But it seemed truthy, honest.

Humans can’t get enough energy to survive by eating only raw fruit and vegetables.  As in, eating carrots and spinach, but not seeds, grains, bread, rice carbs, meat, fish, protein.  And excluding most of the fruit you’re thinking of, because how fruit is very seasonal, and a lot of it comes from places you aren’t in right now if you happen to be a caveperson.  So berries, basically.

So fruit and veges are very energy-poor food, as in, the time chewing takes, the energy needed to digest crunchy raw stuff, and the bulk of leaves you have to stuff in your stomach, which fills up your stomach, mean you don’t get quite enough food and you slowly starve to death.

So you know how cows and sheep spend most of their day eating grass?  You know how you spend like twenty minutes a day actually eating if you just sit and do it and don’t talk?


So apparently chimps and other primates spend most of their days chewing.  So not looking for food, but just chewing what is already there in front of them.  And humans back a million or whatever years ago were probably the same.

So that’s nice.  Eating seeds and lizards is better than eating grass.  Good to know.

Also, cooking stuff is useful.  That too.

So not just because you can eat things safely you couldn’t otherwise, like meat keeps longer cooked and taro and some beans are poisonous until you cook them, but also cooking food pre-digests it, basically, so more energy is released during digestion, and cooked food also takes less energy to actually digest, too.

So basically, cooking saved our asses and made us all healthy enough to go off and evolve and invent beer and cities and wars and stuff.

Which is nice.  Or something.

And also, if you happen to be writing about stone agey humans, they’d probably chew a fucking lot.  Like all the time, wandering around with leaves sticking out their mouths.

Anyways.  Random facts.  There you go.

And also, please have a good holiday if you live in a part of the world that is having one.  And if you care to.  Because, I guess, even if it isn’t your holiday, you may as well enjoy it.  Even if you’d really rather be sprinkling pigeon blood on a yew tree or something to make the sun rise tomorrow, rather than watching shitty movie re-runs on TV, hopefully it all goes well for you and yours.

And also, enjoy the boxing day sales!