New Story of the Weekish: Skateboards and Gowns

Um, because I am trying to remember to do this, and not get distracted by Wattpad, so ta-dah, new story.

So this was from talking to someone about skating and dresses and whether it was possible to skate in heels.  Or, maybe, how unpleasently difficult it would be trying.  Anyways, she says no and I say yes although I have not actually tried to make sure, so, to avoid mispreresentation, no-one actually does in the story.

Because factual precision in our smut is important!

Anyways.  So on here, or on Wattpad (in Les Smut) or Smashwords because I am seeing how many weird colours I can make the same cover go.

One thought on “New Story of the Weekish: Skateboards and Gowns

  1. this book would be my favourite of yours, I don’t really know why, maybe because to me it seems so real!! :)

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