So also, because how I started feeling unbelievably guilty about the whole JukePop thing, what with starting something there last year and then kind of never continuing it because how, well, I kind of forgot…  so anyways.  Major fit of the guilts, and I started that again and it’s here.

Blah, drunk cops and forensic accounting and all that.

So I am going to do my utmost to update this at least once a month, around the start of the month, and will try to do more if I can.  But at least one a month, now I know I can do shit like that if I go making public promises because I’ll get scared of breaking them.

That’s what this is, by the way.

Anyway, so that pretty much means After the Shooting on Wattpad is on hold for now, probably.  Because I’ll be thinking about police there.

And also, go look at JukePop if you haven’t.  It’s like Wattpad for grown-ups!

Um, which is probably insulting them both at once, actually…

2 thoughts on “Jukepop

  1. This series totally caught my eye. Looking forward to reading it; I hope you keep it going!

    Also, I see you didn’t enter a Twitter account on JP. You should get one and tweet chapter releases to JukePop (@Jukepopserials) because they’ll retweet you, and you’ll get more readers, and things will be lovelier in general, and yeah.

    • thanks dude! that is useful to know with twitter, although now i have to work out how to tweet linky name things without wordpress doing it haha. but lovlier in general is good! and so i shall, and thank you for saying!

      also, sorry i took ages to answer, wordpress was having a fight with a browser plugin and shit did not go happy for a couple of days there :)

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