A Late Valentine’s Day Poem, Cause Nothing Much Else is Happening…

So omfg I just realized I can put poems on twitter!

Oh yep, that actually happened after I wrote this post title so this is a bit confused.   Anyways, I just realized.  And that’s so fucking cool that I did!  So fucking yay!

Um, so okay, excitment over.   And what I was actually saying in this was here, have poems, because I haven’t done anything much else useful lately and someone may be funnied.  So…

Hey dude where’s my flowers
You promised them last week
We said we’d buy each other stuff
And be little Valentine’s freaks

And also, so…

I meant to buy you chocolates
I meant to buy you flowers
It doesn’t actually matter though
Cause you still make my heart go wows

See, it isn’t all just smut around here!

Fuck, now I need a poems tag. Ta-dah!

Edit for total incoherence: um, that was actually two poems.  This is now clearer.  It made more sense on twitter because of word limits and such.