Randomness and Long Books and Apples

So last week I finished Evie’s Job after four months, give or take, of 1000 words a day, and then I cleaned the bathroom.  And also, I ate many apples.

Um yep, seriously, I finished a book then cleaned the bathroom.  Because, well, writery housewife haha.   And the bathroom had got kind of grotty, because distracted by the 1000 words a day.  And then I hid for a week, where hid means did other stuff, like cleaned the rest of the house and saw people, some of which hadn’t happened in ages.

And ate apples.  Finally.

Apples because I get kind of sleepy and woozy the next day if I have sugar, and, well, apples is sugar too.   And this is apple season here, because the upside-down part of the world, and apples are nice, but I couldn’t until now or I’d crash and not write the next day.  So apples!  Yay!  And market ones, obviously, and not last year’s, and yes it was wonderful thank you for asking!  And also yep, I have to plan sugar like most people plan hangovers.  And no, there’s no scary medical reason, it’s just diety shit I made up but which I now firmly believe is true.  Um, other people do too, by the way, so I’m not completely weird.  Just to say that.

Anyways, Evie’s Job is 154,000 words, if anyone cares, which is way, way too long…  like what it will look like in paper I have no idea.  But it was nice to do one giant epic of longness just to, well, try…

So I am now back from hiding and the plan is now this.  I’ll do a few more short things, just because there’s some ideas I want to write down, so there’s be several days between each, then I’ll finish Love Letters on Wattpad, and then, after that, I’ll do something else.  How vague!  And also, in the next few days I’ll make Evie’s Job into a book and put it on the shop places too, if anyone cares.  Also, there’s some deleted scenes for it to put up eventually.

So yep, that’s the plan.  And thank you people here for being patient while I ignored the blog!  And thank you for being interested in the writing and stuff too :)

Okay, done now.  More laters.

2 thoughts on “Randomness and Long Books and Apples

  1. Yeah, I totally understand about sugar. I used to have chocolate biscuits, washed down with tea and coffee with two sugars. And then I’d wonder why I was so tired!

    Ditching that cycle has done wonders for my sanity, I think, not to mention my energy levels.

    Anyway, hope your plans work out. :)

    • oh yep, kind of the same, like with the spiral of being tired and then needing more sugar kind of… and its weird how no-one seems to think about fruit even if they’re trying to cut processed food or whatever… oh well, never mind…

      and i’ll try, thank you for that too!

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