Evie’s Job Extras

Um, not that there’s an actual book yet, but still…

First, a kind of a smutty Natalie prequel…

A Night for Natalie

Second, deleted scenes.  A page with all of them, or direct linkys one by one for your convenience…

Natalie forgets to get rid of all the cash

Natalie meets Evie’s ex

Evie and Lizzy crash Natalie’s work drinks.  Just because.

Natalie visits Evie’s

A joke probably only Australians will get


4 thoughts on “Evie’s Job Extras

    • oh yay! thank you lots, you are kind! but, um, while this is sort of officially an actual story, the deleted scenes are a bit, um rougher? and also, um, sorry to say stuff and disappear, but its 1am and i’ve been doing this for hours, so i’m sorry probably wont answer now if you do… but thank you for caring!

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