And a Not-Drabble

Um, a not-drabble, because, well, eventually it was all going to get too much trouble, especially when I could just be lazy but unstructured and only write something short…



“Hey,” Katie said. “You know how people say the most important erogenous zone is your mind?”

“Which people?”

“I don’t know. The people who say things.”

Tabitha shrugged. “Um, sure, okay.”

“Well it’s kind of bullshit, when you think about it. About what’s most important, I mean. Mine isn’t my mind, it my clit.”

Tabitha looked at her.

“And I have a really filthy mind,” Katie said.

“I think they just mean for fantasising…”

“Yeah, but sometimes I fuck and I’m not fantasising. I’m not doing anything with my mind at all. I’m just lying there feeling stuff. No mind needed.”

Tabitha didn’t say anything.

“Or is that weird or something?” Katie said. “Not thinking at all?”

“I don’t think it’s weird, no.”

“Good,” Katie said. “Because also, it isn’t like I need to stick my finger in my ear to get off or something. Like no-one ever says, oh that feels really good but could you just rub my brain a bit more.”

Tabitha started to smile. She was used to how Katie thought by now. “No,” she said. “They don’t ever say that.”

“So that’s crap, is all I mean. I mean, your mind’s useful, but it’s not the most important thing. Like, it’s one of the second-most-important things for me, about equal with my ears or neck or ass.”

Tabitha sighed.

“It’s true,” Katie said.

“Your ears?”

“Sure. For hearing dirty stuff. And for having them licked.”

Tabitha nodded. “I suppose so.”

“I’m just saying,” Katie said.

“And now you have just said, can we fuck? Can I say dirty things in your erogenous ears, and maybe lick them too?”

Katie grinned. “Um, yep,” she said. “Please.”

“And will you stop talking now, too?”

Katie grinned some more, and kissed Tabitha. She didn’t answer.

“Oh,” Tabitha said. “Right. You’re not answering because you’re not talking.”

Katie nodded, and pulled Tabitha closer, and did her best to make Tabitha stop talking as well.



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