Um, Tidying Up Again. So Organizing and New BxG Stuff that isn’t on Wattpad…

So.  I’m being organized.  Again.  Which will probably last for about a week, but never mind…

So there’s now a page of stories up in the menu up top which, um like it says, aren’t on wattpad, and probably won’t be…  so this is just to explain.

Mostly it’s because Wattpad people seem to want particular things…  um, like girls.   Mostly.   So not putting other stories up there saves some work, and saves clogging up the Wattpad story list with things people don’t want, and also because very recently I caused terrible heartache and pain while trying to tidy up Housemates in the main book list, so that too…  I have learned and shall avoid doing so again.  Um, sorry.

So yep, no new non-gxg on Wattpad.

But also.  Um, mainly because I’ve got a few bxg things I’m about to tidy up and finish, but for now, I don’t think they’re quite ready to be ebooks on their own, because they’re a bit quicker-done, maybe, and I’m not sure they’re really properly edited.  And some are trying ideas out, and not as finished as they could be.   Like, well, autofellatio was, and we all know how that went with Smashwords.  Um, hint?  Not well.   And also, I have the impression that as soon as something goes onto Smashwords its all terribly serious and important and then, right then, at that instant omfg, it becomes an actual book forever and I’m never allowed to change it.   As in, Smashwords is still more working to a publishing metaphor than Wattpad is, so with Smashwords there’s no way to say something is there as a just-trying-stuff-out thing, please go easy.  As in, Smashwords, terribly serious, there for ever, and taken omfg so seriously by serious people, which is fine because that’s what Smashwords is, it just maybe it isn’t exactly right for me, and right for those stories, right now.  That’s all.  Because terribly serious and important also pretty quickly leads to mean reviews and blah and drama and woe.  Oh the woe.  And no, not saying anyone shouldn’t say anything they like in reviews, just that it fucks with me being able to try out new ways of doing stuff, which seems bad, so I’ll avoid it if I can.  Which, omg, I can!  By not putting ebooks up!   So I will!   And yes, this is mainly Edges of Empires and the hate with that.

So anyways, all that is just to explain that from now on, new gxg will go up on Wattpad and here and wherever else, and new non-gxg will only be here.  As in, this page right here.

Yep, I know the links are sometimes hard to see.  Also on the list of things to do is sort that out.  And fix the home page rant too.

Um, anyways…   so all of that.   It just seems tidier for now is all, and I’ll feel better able to write with less pressure or whatever…  like more how it is on wattpad, is the idea.

Right before I post update:  Um, looking at that, and thinking out loud.  As it were.  Thinking as I type this, I suppose…

If anyone does know of a place to put stories up, that’s less formal, so more just posting and not publishing, um, maybe please say!  Maybe.  Because I don’t know of any,  because of the don’t read thing, so I probably haven’t looked as carefully as I could.  Oh well.   So if anyone knows of a kind of wattpady alternative, then maybe say?  Like bearing in mind it’s me, so maybe somewhere a bit literary, perhaps?  Like without the, um, frankness of say literotica, perhaps, where I maybe won’t run screaming right away?  I don’t know if this magical place exists, but if it does, I pretty much won’t know, that’s all…  so asking :)

But, um, word-smut, yeah?  Not porn.  Um sorry?  That especially to the guy who emailed the other day.  Like, this is bad timing and I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just yours is kind of a different thing to words.   And also, um, maybe some of the choice of words in the urls I might maybe not be comfortable with either.  Maybe to too :)

And also, random come-to-think-of-it too…  autofellatio is still banned by Smashwords too, so that isn’t anywhere else except in the books and here.  So that’s nice.  Here, have a linky.


Um, tl;dr   New gxg on wattpad.  New non-gxg, including orgy smut if there is any, will be here.

2 thoughts on “Um, Tidying Up Again. So Organizing and New BxG Stuff that isn’t on Wattpad…

  1. I sort of have a different impression of Smashwords. Basically they seem to be fine with continual revisions. It took me a while to get my trial run ePUB up to the expected standard, and when I ran into problems with that, the staff were prompt in helping me out with it.

    That being said, I don’t think that Smash is the be-all and end-all. I’ve yet to get a single review there, though I think that might change when I get more books up. And of course, I’m just not keen on dsitributing to Amazon, so I definitely won’t get any reviews there.

    I sort of have a Wattpad-ish thing going on with my self-hosted site, in that stories are divided into parts and there’s titled ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links at the bottom. Because WordPress, by default, doesn’t make pages link to the next page in the series, I have to use a plugin to make the links appear. Crazy that there isn’t just a checkbox to make them appear by default, I know, but it works so, sure, it can be done. :)

    The downside is, obviously, a lot of fiddly and tedious work. I mean, I can throw you a cheat sheet of all the things I’ve done, which honestly isn’t a lot, it’s mostly just plugins and shortcodes making life simpler.

  2. um, yes… so i can see how not actually putting things on amazon would kind of make it hard to get reviews there… haha :)

    but you putting yours on your website was part of why it seemed like an idea, though :)

    and yep fiddly, a bit! and thank you heaps for the offer, but i think its probably fine, for now for wordpress… like i’m only doing a list with pages linked from it, so yeah… and i think mine’s different plugins because i’m on .com and not .org? maybe? anyways.

    it’s mainly just the way it looks that bothers me, tbh.

    um, that’s good to know about smashwords, because i’d been thinking finshed book… but with there, it’s also how they get a bit bossy about stories they don’t like, too, like the autofellatio thing was really the telling-off i got for being a naughty smut writer as much as being asked to take it down… like the way they asked as much as the silliness of them asking? but that made me really wary of relying on them entirely because if they’re goign to be like that, i can’t really rely on anything ever getting through their screening is all… like i’m grateful for them being there, but yeah. that was kind of infuriating :)

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