New Stuffs, Story of the Weekish and Flash…

Um, two new things, both on Wattpad…  which I think we can all start assuming is a code, yes?



Fuck Club

Yep, it’s called F club on Wattpad because I don’t know, it just is and I wasn’t sure if they cared.  Actually they probably don’t.  Never mind.

Um, Anonymous is long, Fuck Club is the flash.

And there you go!

Late and tired and forgetful ten-minutes later update:  um, actually Anonymous is on Smashwords too.  As of, well, now…


8 thoughts on “New Stuffs, Story of the Weekish and Flash…

    • hey, um, thank you :) that means a lot, especially in the circumstances, which are probably now kind of oblivious…

      anyways. so i’m really sorry, but yours got disappeared along with the shitty one, because, idk, i just can’t be bothered with horrible people any more. but if you want the words of yours back, i can give them? just i feel like i kind of removed a piece of your writing or something, if that makes sense.

      um, let me know anyways, and sorry.

      • I was thinking maybe you could use them as a testimonial or something on your site. That way you get all the benefits of the good/well-thought reviews without any of the downsides of the mean reviews.

        Um, also, when I passed along the recommendation I used the Smashwords link. Nuts. Oh well. I’ll send a Wattpad link instead. :)

    • hey, um, just saying here cause this might send an email and get to you…

      i just tried to twitter back and you’ve disappeared from there… so i hope all is okay, and if you don’t know yet, something’s up with your twitter, and if it’s meant to be up, then cool, and if things are bad, i’m sorry i just got caught up in my own drama and i hope you’re okay…

      • I’m okay. I just had a sort of depressed moment today and pulled the plug on my Twitter account. Then I read your post today and I realised OMG I need my Twitter back. :)

        So yeah, it’s been one of those days, hasn’t it?

      • oh, that’s not good, i’m sorry. i hope you’re feeling better now.

        and also, yay you’re back!

        ok, i’m going away now. thank you again for doing something, though, with smashwords. that was really kind, and i’m really grateful, and it was just, wow… :)

      • Well I did exchange some further messages with the guy at Smashwords. He said that he would forward on a suggestion to the engineering team, so that’s something.

        Um, that being said, he didn’t seem to see the problem with the 1-bomb review, which now that I know what it said, was completely unjustified.

        I’m going to see what happens with NOOK Press, I signed up with them tonight, now I just need to wri- finish some stories.

        See you later. :)

  1. yeah, i don’t know… i mean, i guess the problem isn’t what was said exactly, but that it was said at all… like i think the behavior gap about free stuff between a supposed bookshop like smashwords and happy-sparkles-fun place like wattpad is starting to bother me a bit. as in, smashwords maybe not giving people space to just try writing things, and also the understanding and kindness and whatever that goes with that, which sucks a bit when they’re so much part of the starting-out, free stories, new writer thing.

    and i get how smashwords has its own insecure and desperately needs to pretend its a real shop and a rival to amazon… like their blog makes that pretty clear… and also i’m really grateful they are there, because it was where i started and stuff. so i guess I was just hurt because people at smashwords had always seemed nice, and so i suppose i completely unreasonably expected them always to be. and i think need a safe space to write in, and was a bit shocked to find out smashwords isn’t it.


    i maybe need to think about all this, because i can’t decide if i’m being unreasonable or not… like if seems like a bit of politeness isn’t too much to ask if i’m putting it up there free… as in, snark is fun and stuff, but maybe everyone needs to get over themselves and go a bit easy on new writers, because otherwise there won’t be new writers, and because, well, people could just like, not read what bores them and not say anything.

    so that’s all. never mind. i’ll just put stuff here and wattpad, that’s fine. but thank you for being nice, and trying, even though you so shouldn’t have in case it gets them angry at you, but thank you all the same :)

    also, weirdly, i’m already not putting stuff on nook because they didn’t allow ‘reader sets the price’ back in the day when i did that, so it didn’t seem worth it… but yep. i know you don’t like amazon, but its starting to seem a bit saner there…. so big sighs all round.

    * * *

    And yep, total aside for any random passerby who ever looks at this, i should so totally just harden up and grow whatever and get used to shit and deal with criticism, except, um, no, why should i? i mean, just because everyone always had to, back in the day… why now? because the world’s moved on, the old shitty publishing models are dead or dying, and yet we’re still stuck with this toxic crap. oh yay! and also, yep, i know perfectly well the writing world is full of horrible people who think it’s clever to be mean, but, um, this is why free books everywhere and wattpad and insecure, in case that really wasn’t obvious… as in, i’m not part of all that and don’t want to ever be, and if i ever wake up one day and realize i’ve got so bitter and cynical i’ve turned into one of those people, i’ll just stop. i promise.

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