And actually, no Anonymous isn’t on Smashwords

And probably pretty much nothing else will be either.  Sorry.

Just, I think I’m about done with writing stuff, and trying to helpfully put it different places for people, and then just getting mean shit back.  It hurts, and it fucks with my confidence about writing, and it just isn’t healthy caring that much any more.  And especially with Smashwords, between the odd rules and the revolting weirdos it attracts, just, fuck it.  If people can’t be a bit supportive when they get something for free, then I can’t see the point bothering.

Probably Wattpad has raised my hopes or expectations or something.  But, well, it has.

Um, this is about a bad review, obviously.

So basically, I think I’m done putting free stuff on Smashwords, and sorry to those of you who actually use it, but I’m just getting less and less able to deal with this kind of shit any more.  As in, why bother when I’m not being paid anyway, and when I can just put everything on Wattpad, where people are normaler.  Normalish.  Whatever.   Polite, anyway.  And also because how I’m just a little bit icked by an obvious man nastily reviewing a story like Anonymous.   Without wanting to make too much of that, and offend everyone else who isn’t like that.

Anyways, fuck it, if people are going leave pointless mean reviews on free books…  well, they’re free books, and its only Smashwords, so what the fuck do I care.

And the same has gone for ARe for a while now too, just in case that wasn’t obvious.

So yep, I think I’m done.  Smashwords probably still gets the pay stuff because afaik its the only way to get to the Apple bookshop, but the free stuff, it just isn’t worth the misery of bothering any more.  So I won’t.

Sorry to rant.  That’s just what’s been going on today.


3 thoughts on “And actually, no Anonymous isn’t on Smashwords

  1. Tess, I’m really sorry that you got a mean-spirited review on Smashwords. That’s not going to stand.

    Here’s a copy of the message I sent to Smashwords:

    Hi there,

    Today one of my favourite authors (Tess Mackenzie) decided to remove one of her works (Anonymous) after receiving a pointless mean review.

    You can read her blog post about it here:

    I don’t know what was in this mean review but I’ll be quite blunt.

    You need to do something about this. In fairness, all the goddamn e-book retailers need to do something about this.

    I’m all for criticism where criticism is due, but not stupid pointless 1-star reviews which do not serve the interests of you, the author, or the prospective readers.

    Also, find the tool who wrote that review, and ban him from writing any more.

    If this matter is not resolved in a satisfactory manner, then I will consider removing my work from Smashwords as well and finding alternative means of distribution.

    So, there you go. Someone does care enough about your work to rock the boat. :)

  2. Okay so I heard back from the Smashwords Service Team.

    Apparently they can see a 1-star review on a removed story, but not see anything mean-spirited about it.

    You were right about these guys all along. :P

  3. oh thank you heaps, but don’t go doing anything with your own stuff, or annoying them at you, or anything like that… like this really, really isn’t worth the fight or the trouble it could cause you… i mean, i’m really grateful, and thank you, but it wasn’t hate speech or anything, it just seemed mean and upsetting…

    as in, this is me and how i react and because it doesn’t happen often, and i know i’m overreacting, but i do anyway. and i don’t know what to do, really, because i get how supposedly we’re all supposed to have tough skins and ignore critics and everything, but i don’t know i can, so yeah. anyways, i can fix this one by just not putting new stuff on smashwords, or taking things down if it keeps happening so yeah…

    the main thing is just the pointlessness of someone bothering to be rude. it just seems personal is all, like someone tagging your front fence or whatever, if that makes sense… like they’re just being a dick and probably don’t ever think of it again, but you’re left wondering if they’ll come back, and why they did it, and what it all means, and oh my fucking fuck…

    anyways, um thank you. and i think i’ll go quiet today probably, just if you answer but thank you for trying, and thinking of it, and you’re really kind to have bothered.

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