New Story: Everyone Has Zoey

Um, so if you haven’t met this series-ish before, um, orgies!


This kind of feels a little unfinished, but I’m not sure what else to add.  As in, there’s no crisis, no decision, nothing changes…  it’s more just a story where someone does something kinky…  and then is happy she did.  So it may as well go up, in case people are interested, but it doesn’t feel like quite enough to count as a real story :)

Oh yep, orgies, obviously…

And if the obviously isn’t obvious, um, there’s stories, about orgies, they’re all called Everyone has someone…?  Oh never mind.


Everyone has Zoey

This is Not True


And also, just because, some flash!



And there you go :)


6 thoughts on “New Story: Everyone Has Zoey

  1. So many stories. :) I did have a read of Everyone has Zoey, This Is Not True, and Perverted. I liked them, but now I think I need to read some GxG to go with it. I actually idly wondered how it would have played out if Zoey had found a crowd of curious and interested women at her window.

    That sounds kind of rude to say, doesn’t it? ‘Hmm yes I liked that story but I like the idea of replacing all the guys with girls.’ I just meant that if straight people can have a layby for that sort of thing, so can everyone else. :)

    • thank you! for reading, and for liking! um, especially given the part about the usual, from the other day! more gxg will happen soon, like i’m just kind of stuck in this but i’m thinking after today i might stop and go back to it, because i really really am meant to be doing more on love letters on wattpad… like this was all trying to get back to writing short stuff, and it got really out of hand…

      so anyways

      um, with the replacing… i’d say just do a search and replace haha, but… um, since there’s kind of, how shall i put this, specifics… maybe that won’t work :) or at least, just end up really confusing…

      but um, now you say that, i actually quite like the idea of writing a story that can be either he or she, if you see what i mean… so like Sam and Alex and Lee and some other people do stuff, and with being careful about what exactly how stuff is described, like “Sam went down on Alex” and “Alex fucked Lee”, that kind of thing, then it could actually be either boys or girls or both… or at least if it was “i did this, i fucked Alex” than it would work without being obvious… i might have a think about that, but the idea kind of appeals :)

      or wait, omg, an entire book, about other stuff, so spies or romance or cops, but where you never find out the main character’s gender. um, except actually that’s probably been done, oh well :)

  2. Well, to your last idea, since you already did the first and it looked neat, maybe don’t hide the character genders throughout the whole story, give the readers some subtle hints before the reveal.

    In a mystery story it would be like a second mystery running alongside the main one.

    In a romance, it could be a source of tension between the couple, maybe to the point where they don’t (as expected) end up together, the romance then being with the supportive friend who stuck by the main character all the while.

    I think the thing to take from this is that characters -don’t- need to fit neatly into one of the binary genders. For the purposes of the story, they can be an enigma. They could even decide to change to something which better fits them.

    Have fun experimenting! :)

    • oh yep totally about the non-binary gender part… and the romance, yes, that too. but, um, well, its late. so tired brain is getting a bit sparkly. so instead of all the serious and artistic, instead you get late-night big ideas because of seeing the word mystery! which i couldn’t actually do because i’m really not up with mysteries… but someone could… i mean, there could be something in this, as in… here, have a synopsis…

      oh wait. even better. it’s not a synopis, omg its bullet point fiction! for the powerpoint era!

      no wait, sorry, that’s a bit silly. so, back to the synopsis…

      the mystery head murders

      i, the narrator, am having an affair with someone who just gives me head, and i don’t know who they are. yes, omg deep hidden message, i’m not fussed. maybe everyone shouldn’t be fussed when offered mystery head! insights!

      anyways, we met on the internet, like craigslist or whatev, mystery head is my fantasy, so we meet up somewhere a bit sordid, like a carparking building, and have at it. and then we do again. obv. because mystery head! perhaps we even do several times!

      one day, as my mystery lover is leaving, something happens! murder most foul! by the mystery lover! probably! but who can be sure!

      i see this happen. i’m a cop, so i want to solve it. maybe actually a detective! so i am driven to solve it, by professional stuffs!

      but! problem! who am i looking for? i don’t even know my mystery lover’s gender omfg!

      also, slightly awkward, the part about admitting to my cop mates i’ve been meeting a stranger for head with no idea who they are. awkward! not quite what you want put on the official police report

      which means, oh wait, maybe i’d better just solve it myself, like separately from the real investigation which i’m pretending to help with. that seems best.

      also, i suppose i have some ongoing slight discomfort about how i’m in the lusties with a murderer and stuff. that’s a bit icky too.

      because omg what if they’ve done it before!

      anyways, solving stuff happens, i find mystery lover, then i let mystery lover go, then i meet mystery lover on a beach in mexico a year later, once eveyrthing’s cooled off, after i steal money from the evidence locker, because love!

      also, mystery lover is wearing gender-identy-appropriate swimwear on the mexican beach, solving that little mystery for me. also teaching me the valuable life-lesson that one should not accept anonymous oral sex from people in bulky trench-coats and old-timey hats if one is a member of the police. or something like that. so i stop doing that and live happily ever after with mystery lover.

      or until i discover one unpleasant morning that mexico actually has extradition treaties. oops! my bad.

      i go to prison. mystery lover keeps the money. which maybe was mystery lover’s plan all along!

      the end!

      anyways, how about that? story synopsis for anyone who wants it, because i’m way too adhd to actually write a crime solving procedure thingy!

      ok going away now.

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