And a Flash Zoe sequel thingy for no actual reason!

Um, the flashy Zoe sequelly thing is here.

And in case you need it, the original story is here.

There you go!


2 thoughts on “And a Flash Zoe sequel thingy for no actual reason!

  1. Hooray! I liked it. Short, but sweet.

    Oh yeah. When your posts show up on the WordPress feed, the links aren’t correct, they point to the WordPress site instead of yours. I mean, it’s fine, I click the post title and see the original post on your site with the proper links, so all is well. Just something you might want to look into.

    • yay!

      and the links… if you mean like to then yep, it’s always done that… like i think that’s because that’s the actual site so things go there and then there’s a redirect to… or um, something? maybe? it should all end up the same place anyways… but thank you for warning!

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